Jay Z Supports Beyonce Releasing ‘Lemonade’ Amid Cheating Claims: Reports Of Infidelity With ‘Becky’ Heat Up [Video]

Beyonce has become known for weaving hidden meaning into the lyrics of her songs. But now rumors are swirling around exactly what message she’s sending in her Lemonade track “Sorry,” with one report alleging that “Becky with the good hair” refers not to a single woman with whom Jay Z enjoyed an affair but many women, according to sources cited by the Daily Mail.

“I don’t think Beyonce is calling out one girl. It is many girls. The rumors have been around for years,” revealed the source.

Although Jay allegedly had a variety of affairs during his marriage to Beyonce, he became more faithful after their daughter, Blue Ivy, was born in 2012. Welcoming the baby into the world served as a wake-up call for both Jay and Beyonce, according to the insider.

“Beyonce had the baby and was like, ‘What am I doing? This is what my dad did to my mom.’ She really looked at herself. Jay is now a great husband, and this is in the past. They went through a rocky patch but things are good again.”

As for the message that Beyonce is sending in the video? It’s not blaming Jay for cheating on her, but instead, it is supposedly a story showing what they both went through and how they achieved happiness in their marriage.

Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce Knowles?
Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce Knowles?[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]

“The video is about finally coming to terms with her strength and their love,” clarified the source.

However, some fans speculated that “Becky with the good hair” was a direct reference to fashion designer Rachel Roy. That speculation heated up following the broadcast of the “Sorry” video on HBO, which highlighted the unveiling of the singer’s Lemonade album.

“Becky” was assumed to be Roy after she shared a photo on Instagram mere hours following the debut of the album.

“Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. Live in the light #nodramaqueens,” wrote Roy.

However, the fashion designer subsequently claimed that she was being misunderstood.

“There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors,” insisted Roy.

In addition to the fashion designer, musician Rita Ora became the target of claims that she was Jay Z’s partner in cheating on Beyonce. However, Rita took to Twitter to denounce those allegations, posting that she has “nothing but the utmost respect” for Beyonce.

Amid all that speculation about Jay cheating, one of the insiders cited by the Daily Mail also answered the question of why he would support having the album released, claiming that those infidelity rumors are part of the couple’s marketing plan.

“Lemonade is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyonce are entertainers at the top of their game. Do you think Jay would release her album on [his own] Tidal if it really was all about him? He is 100 percent behind this.”

However, another insider offered a different take on why Jay Z supported Beyonce’s decision to release Lemonade, telling Hollywood Life that he hopes her “venting” can save their marriage.

Why did Jay Z support Beyonce's decision to release her album?
Why did Jay Z support Beyonce's decision to release her album? [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]

“Beyonce didn’t get Jay Z’s approval to release the album. She was set to release with or without his blessings. If venting via her songs can help save their marriage, then he fully supports her,” revealed the source.

Because of that, Jay had no desire to battle with his wife about her album.

“He wasn’t about to put up a fight on this,” added the insider.

As for the specific lyric that’s become the most analyzed about whether it confirms that Jay cheated?

“He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair,” sings Beyonce.

But whether “Becky” symbolizes all of the women with whom Jay had affairs or just one woman, such as Rachel Roy, remains a secret for the beehive to buzz over.

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