Calling Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer In The Flesh’ Insults Satanists: ‘Ted Cruz Is The Worst’

Ted Cruz is apparently so repugnant that not even Satanists want to lay claim to the Texas senator and current Republican presidential candidate.

During a forum at Stanford University on Wednesday, Former House Speaker John A. Boehner bluntly described Senator Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh” and vowed that he would not vote for Cruz if he becomes the party’s presidential nominee.

After describing fellow Republican as Lucifer, Boehner issued further scathing descriptions of Ted Cruz, whom Boehner credits with spearheading the infamous government shutdown of 2013 that was so disastrous to both America’s economy and the Republican brand.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends,” Boehner told David Kennedy, an emeritus history professor, at the Stanford University event. “I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b**** in my life.”

Satanists, however, don’t take kindly to the comparison of the ultra-conservative, evangelical Christian Ted Cruz being described as “Lucifer in the flesh.” The Huffington Postreached out to Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson for the Satanic Temple.

In Greaves’ opinion, Boehner is “basically full of it.” The former Speaker of the House is, Greaves says, simply trying to “absolve the worst of Christianity by calling [Ted Cruz] a product of Satanism.”

“It is past time we stop blaming the activities of the upholders of the Christian faith on a Satanic philosophy. Boehner is trying to convey that if it is bad and he disagrees with it, it is of Satan and Lucifer, and if it is of good, it is of Christ. That is what is problematic with the Christian ideology.”

Of course, Greaves does not believe that Boehner actually believes Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh,” but with many actually questioning, at one point, whether or not Ted Cruz was actually the Zodiac Killer, it may be necessary to make that distinction.

“I don’t think Boehner is necessarily saying that he actually thinks Cruz is a Satanist because I just don’t think he is thinking that hard about the issues,” Greaves explained and then dismissed both Republicans.

“These are simple-minded people. Our situation in U.S. politics is much worse than you can imagine.”

There are many who would agree with Greaves, no matter what their religious background. But Greaves was adamant about one particular point — he is not a fan of Ted Cruz, at all. In fact, he despises the Texas Republican.

“I think [Ted Cruz] is a real disaster. I think he is possibly one of the worst. I think we have been on a race to the bottom for a long time now, and you keep thinking it can’t get worse and people would wise up after a clown like [Sarah] Palin or George Bush. But then you see people lining up around Ted Cruz.”

As for John Boehner, although he said he would never cast his vote for Ted Cruz, he does consider Donald Trump to be the presumptive Republican nominee and says that he would vote for Trump in the general election. He and Trump have played golf together, Boehner revealed, and then said that he and Trump are “texting buddies.”

Cruz, for his part, managed to spin Boehner’s “Lucifer in the flesh” comment rather smoothly, holding Boehner up as everything he believes to be wrong in Washington.

When speaking to reporters on Thursday before holding a rally in the increasingly important state of Indiana, which holds its Republican primary on Tuesday, Cruz laughed at Boehner’s comments and said that “[Boehner] allowed his inner Trump to come out.”

Cruz then seized upon Boehner’s relationship with Trump as a way to discredit him.

“If you are wondering who actually has stood up to Washington, then John Boehner has made it crystal clear,” Cruz said. “John Boehner in his remarks described Donald Trump as his texting and golfing buddy.”

[Photo by Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images]