‘The 100’ Attempts To Redeem Pike: Does It Happen? [Spoilers]

This week on The 100 there was the attempt to redeem former Chancellor Pike. Season 3 Episode 13 saw a chained Pike with Kane making their way to Polis, with flashbacks to show what Pike used to be like.

There was a time that Kane was the hated one on the show. He seemed to lack empathy or care for the 100 teenagers sent to Earth. He would do whatever he felt necessary in line with the law, but all that changed over time. A flashback saw his love for his mother and how he became the man he was, and then future episodes started to show him softening to the point where he is now willing to work with The Grounders.

Is it possible that the same thing could happen with Pike? He has become the member of Arkadia to hate, not just because of the atrocities of killing so many Grounders but because of his actions in executing the most noble character on The 100, as the A.V. Club reports.

It is normal for the writers of the show to focus on complex characters. Everyone has their own justification for the actions they take. They may be controlled by an A.I., or they may believe that their people are worth saving over another set of people. Either way, the viewers have always seen that justification play out, whether they agree or not.

Now, The 100 is playing out Pike’s justification through flashbacks and the current events in Polis. He first sees Polis with crucified Grounders and blood everywhere. Ontari is not the same type of leader as Lexa, and she is willing to kill anyone who gets in her way or even slightly disagrees with her. It does not help that she is now chipped and has A.L.I.E giving her instructions.

It seems that Pike’s view of the Grounders is the real view. If only he had seen Polis when Lexa was alive – the way Kane had seen it. Now it looks like he did the right thing, but the viewers know otherwise. So the writers take another step to help redeem his character. They show a flashback to the Ark, two weeks before the 100 were sent to Earth.

As Kane, Abby and Jaha believe the best thing to do is to send the teenagers to Earth, Pike is given the task of teaching them skills to help them survive. Of course, he is not allowed to tell them what is going on, and they have no interest in learning skills that they believe they will never need. This flashback shows the empathy that Pike could have, but it is too late for many fans of the show. He has already been portrayed as a monster, and he is irredeemable for many.

Pike is not the only character The 100 is trying to redeem, but he is the one that the writers focus on this episode. The problem is there is so much going on, and it is getting so close to the end of the season that nobody really cares. The characters the fans do want to see redeemed are Bellamy and Abby (after taking the chip just to save Raven’s life). They also want to see Jasper find some sort of peace without Maya around and maybe — just maybe — realize that Clarke didn’t completely have a choice in the matter when it came to Mouth Weather.

Right now, the race is on to have Luna accept the Flame and become the next Grounder Commander. With Season 3 finale coming up soon, that has to happen very soon, or there is the risk that the final episode will feel rushed and unfulfilled. That means The 100 needs to stop trying to redeem Pike — who cannot be redeemed in many fan’s eyes — and focus on the overall storyline.

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