‘Captain America: Civil War’ Brings Robert Downey Jr. To A London Hospital

Robert Downey, Jr. has really brought Iron Man to life for fans, young and old, first in the stand alone films, before moving onto the Avengers films. Now, as Captain America: Civil War is set to hit theaters, Mr. Downey took time away from his schedule to stop by a London area hospital to visit some of the Iron Man fans who wouldn’t be able to leave their beds to catch the film’s debut. Also this week, Robert has revealed a change of heart in considering a fourth stand alone Iron Man film, and while he hasn’t said that his visit to that London hospital impacted his decision, it seems unlikely that the two incidents are unrelated. It might be more probable that Robert Downey, Jr. was even more affected by his hospital visit than even he is willing to admit.

Robert Downey, Jr. Delights Fans With A Visit To The Great Ormond Street Hospital

The European premiere of Captain America: Civil War brought Robert Downey, Jr. to London, but it was his own conscience that brought him to the Great Ormond Street Hospital to visit those children that were unable to go see Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers in the new Marvel film. While there, Mr. Downey met some delightful children, including Charlie Dawson,Chloe Bowers, and Denisa Kapsalis, and gifted the children with official merchandise from the Captain America and Marvel Comics film franchises.

During his visit, Robert got acquainted with his biggest fan, seven-year-old Ethan Miller, who has spent more time in the hospital than out of it through the past three years, due to suffering from type 1 diabetes and a rare blood disorder. Ethan’s father told Mr. Downey that his son spends much of his time watching the Iron Man and Avengers films and is rarely seen out of his Iron Man costume.

“The highlight of the Captain America: Civil War tour has been visiting the patients, families and staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital,” Downey said in a statement. “Their courage, strength and hope leaves me humbly inspired.”

This wasn’t Robert Downey, Jr.’s first experience with charity work. In fact, the Captain America: Civil War actor is launching his second fundraiser with Omaze. The contest, which will go toward creating a new philanthropic fund to help the less fortunate, will gift the winner with the opportunity to spend time with Robert Downey Jr. in New York City.

“This is for a chance to hang out with me in New York. That’s my hometown, all right? I let my hair down,” promises Mr. Downey. “It’s going to be great. We’re going to share pizza, we’re going to see Captain America: Civil War, and it’s all to benefit Random Act Funding.”

Iron Man Star Robert Downey, Jr. Wants To Make One More

It wasn’t that long ago that Robert told reporters that a fourth Iron Man film just “wasn’t in the cards,” but it seems that the Captain America: Civil War actor has changed his tune. Now, Downey says he could be open to another Iron Man stand alone film.

“I feel like I could do one more,” said Downey on the subject.

While both Marvel and fans have been hoping for Iron Man 4 for a considerable time, it may be too much to hope for at this point, even with Robert Downey, Jr. willing to return to the franchise. In creating the Avengers film franchise and the other Marvel related film adaptations, the studio has taken on an ambitious reach, which may prohibit giving each individual character their own stand alone film franchise. It’s fortunate that Robert Downey’s participation in a highly successful Iron Man franchise came early, before these live action comic book adaptations really took off. That, alone, may be the only reason Marvel would expend resources to create another stand alone film, even for Tony Stark himself.

Captain America: Civil War will premiere in U.S. theaters on May 6.

[Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]