Are We Wrong About Carbohydrates? People Are Turning To Potatoes For Weight Loss

Earlier this year, a YouTuber from Minnesota known as “High Carb Hannah” made headlines for losing over 60 pounds on a carb-heavy vegan diet. High Carb Hannah, aka Hannah Howlett, has now slimmed down even more by eating only potatoes and other non-starchy vegetables for 30 days. While most dietitians would scream at the idea of eating so many carbs, High Carb Hannah has embraced the carb-heavy diet, dubbed in the vegan community as the “Starch Solution,” and is reaping the rewards according to the Daily Mail.

High Carb Hannah has gone from being obese to being a “normal body weight” whilst eating as much as she wants and documenting it all online in a series of videos titled “What I eat in a day.” Viewers are able to watch High Carb Hannah on her weight loss journey and see just how many carbs and potatoes she eats whilst slimming down.

“I actually think that it is so funny how people make [weight] loss into such a big industry because it is so easy if you just eat a whole foods plant-based diet, like you don’t need to do anything ridiculous,’ she explained in one of her YouTube videos.

Hannah has noted that switching to a whole foods plant-based diet and focusing on starch has allowed her to eat as much as she wants and taught her how to eat “intuitively.” Doing the potato diet or the “potato cleanse” eliminated the excitement around food and helped her only eat when she is hungry. Despite the diet sounding boring, her meals were anything but, with tantalizing photos posted on her Instagram, which has 73.4 thousand followers Daily, followers got images of fries, hash browns, and mountains of mashed potatoes.

Not only has switching to a carb-heavy vegan diet helped High Carb Hannah with weight loss, but it has also stopped her from other detrimental behaviors.

“I don’t binge. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t eat animal products. I am not in this s***y life that I was living before,” she said. She has been open throughout her YouTube videos and has admitted that she “used to literally get drunk every single day” and “smoke a half a pack of cigarettes every single day,” and “binge at night.” High Carb Hannah has turned her life around and turned eating well into her business.

High Carb Hannah is now a full-time Youtuber promoting the vegan diet to her 113,949 subscribers. Her enthusiasm and honesty throughout her videos has helped her reach millions of people. Her before and after weight loss video has more than two million views on YouTube.

Another man who has embraced carbs for weight loss is 36-year-old Andrew Taylor from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently completing the potato diet for weight loss and has committed to a whole year of eating spuds. So far Taylor has lost over 70 pounds and has turned to the diet not just for weight loss but also to end food addiction.

“I wanted to change the way I thought about food so that it’s not really controlling my life. Food is fuel kinda thing,” Taylor said.

Like High Carb Hannah Taylor has turned to potatoes to take control of food and is also documenting his experience online under “Spud Fit.” Despite not being a vegan before taking on the potato challenge for weight loss, Taylor is embracing the whole food plant-based diet and feels amazing. He has chosen to document his experience on YouTube as well.

“I’ve enjoyed it, much to my surprise. I’m feeling amazing, really, really good. I’ve been exercising more, I’m full of energy,” he said.

The potato diet for weight loss is based on the findings from Dr. John McDougall’s book The Starch Solution, which claims a diet rich in starches can spur weight loss and even prevent illness. The Starch Solution encourages people to eat rice, beans, corn, potatoes, and pasta, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, and to stay away from fats and refined sugars.

Eating diets high in starch and carbs is becoming more and more popular online with 244,289 posts on Instagram under the hashtag #starchsolution so far. This follows the trend of eating beans for weight loss as reported on by The Inquisitr last week, as diets rich in carbs and starch are satisfying, filling, and low in fat.

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