Kanye West Confuses Fans With Two Silent Performances At Coachella

Kanye West, one of the most high-profile and talented rappers today, had his greatest fears realized just recently. Known for being one with quite a lot to say, Kanye was silenced on stage. He was not silenced because of anyone else, however. According to TMZ, Kanye West took the stage with A$AP Rocky at Coachella but his microphone malfunctioned, so the performance did not go according to plan.

The appearance by West was supposed to be a surprise to the Coachella audience by A$AP Rocky, but the surprise was spoiled by a technical difficulty so bad that it caused the rapper to throw his microphone on the floor.

That was not the only appearance West had at Coachella, as he appeared onstage once again to join Skrillex and Diplo, the duo known as Jack U. According to Vanity Fair, Kanye West joined Jack U on stage during their song “Power” just for a quick nod.

Jack U bring @kanyewest #Coachella for…. no reason? pic.twitter.com/ZGy0dARjm5

— Paan Jr (@PaanJr) April 16, 2016

After the brief appearance onstage by West, he then moved to the wings of the stage. With two silent appearances in a row, the crowd might be starting to wonder whether Kanye has lost his voice while others might just be thankful, because the one man in the world that cannot stop talking has finally learned (or been forced) to keep quiet.

Apart from always having something to say, Kanye West is also known for his impeccable dress sense. Always the businessperson, West recently capitalized on a once-in-a-lifetime moment. When the L.A. Lakers and NBA legend Kobe Bryant hit retirement after his final game, during which he scored 60 points, Kanye West took it upon himself to make the most of the opportunity that Kobe and the Lakers had created that evening and, according to SB Nation, released a shirt with the caption “I feel like Kobe.”

The shirt was meant as a tribute by West to show how much he loved Kobe, and also how much he loves himself. The long sleeve Kanye West shirt is selling on his site for $65.

Kanye West is known to be as dedicated to designing fashion as much as he is to laying down music, and according to High Snobiety, one of Kanye’s earlier designs has resurfaced on Instagram.

Ben Pruess, the former vice president of marketing at Adidas Originals and currently the senior vice president of sportswear at Under Armour, took to Instagram to show off the Three Stripes collaboration that had been done with Kanye West back in 2006.

“long before the Yeezy- the Kanye 1”

The shoe in the Instagram post was one of West’s first designs before he eventually moved to Nike and gave the world the Nike Air Yeezy. The shoe has a minimalist elegant feel, showcasing West’s signature “Graduation” bear logo on the tongue area of the shoe, while the rest of the product maintains a sleek, clean, white design. The creation of the Adidas sneakers coincided with another Kanye West collaboration with Nike. During the time that the Adidas shoe was being created, a Nike Air Max 180 was also created with the rapper’s design, featuring the signature bear that was featured on Kanye West’s album art at the time. This little designer only furthered the already rich rivalry happening between Nike and Adidas.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella]