Try These 5 Simple ‘Non-Diet’ Tips To Lose Weight

Let’s face it, losing weight can be extremely hard. What makes it even harder is there are so many choices that in the end you feel overwhelmed and downright confused by the different plans. There’s low carb, high protein, whole foods, clean diet, and vegan just to name a few. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled five non-dieting tips that work and don’t require for you to give up anything. That’s right, you can still eat bread, pasta, and even brownies.


Most nutritional experts agree that for a diet plan to actually work and help you lose weight, it has to be a healthy diet that doesn’t leave you feeling deprived of your favorite foods. For example, if you love hamburgers and steak, it’s probably best if you avoided a vegan diet. Otherwise, you’ll be miserable.

A good way to kick-start any weight loss program is to focus on whole, natural foods. Stock up on nuts, beans, lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s a fail-proof way to cut calories and lose weight.


Another great tip to lose weight is to break up your workday with brief walks, WRAL reported. If your job is a sedentary position, every few hours get up and get the blood moving a little. It’ll increase your metabolism and wake you up. Sitting for long periods has been linked to increasing your odds of chronic health problems. Scientists recommend that the way to decrease your chances is to move around throughout the day, even if you only have a few minutes to exercise.

Water is so essential, yet it is something that most people overlook. Nutritionists strongly recommend that you ditch the sugary drinks and soda and replace it with plain water. If water is not something you particularly like, try infusing your water with fruit or lime juice. It changes a dull glass of water to something with a hint of flavor without the calories and sugar. It’s a win-win.


Another great weight loss tip is to commit to watching one hour less of television a day. It’s so easy to get trapped into watching TV and snacking without thinking. Instead of watching TV, go outside and do some yard work or find somewhere locally that you can hike or explore the outdoors. If you can’t go outside due to bad weather or other circumstance, open a book and read. It is a great activity that gets you away from the TV and less likely to snack without thinking.

One of the most vital weight loss tips of all is to change your perception of yourself. Body Rock shared that self-image was probably the most critical aspect of weight loss. If you don’t see yourself as the beautiful and caring person you are, how can you expect to work hard at changing? You have to realize that you are worth the work to achieve a better body and good health. It is worth the sweat and hard work to learn to love yourself. Without self-love, it isn’t possible to truly change your life.


Are you ready to implement a few changes in your life that can help you lose weight? Voice your opinion about the weight loss tips in the comments section below, and come back later for more trending health news and updates.

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