May 1, 2016
Na`Vi Under Fire for Unfair Advertising? Did the DOTA 2 eSports Champ Use MMR Boosting Streamer

Popular DOTA 2 eSports champion Natus Vincere, or Na`Vi, was trashed by the DOTA community after allegedly working with, an MMR booster streamer service.

A users posted a photo on Reddit capturing the live advertisement under Na`Vi's video page. The video was posted on April 29 and the discussions started right after the photo was shared.

This has surprised the DOTA 2 community who were big fans of the eSports champion. However, after knowing that they have been partnering with a service like this, people were disgusted.

"god everything about this is awful [sic]," wrote one user.

Though many users do not believe in the credibility of Boost25, the site advertises for their DOTA 2 services.

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"Dota2 is our highest supported game, our team is currently averaged at 6.5k allowing us to complete boosts up to that rating range.We provide services for Europe East, West and US east regions."
Because of this advertising, many users have thought of the possibility that Na`Vi might just be using boosting services like this to improve their ranking. Though some defended their efforts as champs, others cannot dismiss the fact that Na`Vi is still promoting this type of service.

With the massive buzz on this topic, even big eSports celebrities joined in the conversation. V1lat even spoke out their thoughts on the issue. A Reddit user even translated the Ukranian eSport caster's tweets.

"I'm getting to propose to Valve and twitch to work together and get boosters and deboosters banned. First of all, they're straight up breaking Valve's and Twitch's rules."
"Second, boosters are pretty much the shittiest thing in DotA's ecosystem, and they need to be banned, not selling accounts."
"Seconded. Not only do boosters make the mmr system worse, they also teach people how to beat little boys and girls playing their first games of DotA."
"I understand it's difficult to ban every single one of them on Steam, but there's a way of going about it that's basically almost already implemented that would work with Twitch's and Hitbox's help."
V1lat added that he is going to find a way to get "in touch with m boys at Volvo." He also warned the streamers to prepare because he noted that he has been working on this project for about two weeks now.

So What's The Truth?

Na`Vi took the time to clarify everything. Aside from posting on Twitter, they also created an official Reddit post to state their stance on the issue.
"First of all we're not advertising any boosters. We're not promoting them. We never even made any posts on social media. Ybicanoooobov was scouted as a steamer.

"Anyway all of you should know we're working on different directions, with different people, but we never settled the goals to do any damage to people in DotA community (same for other titles' communities). We have have the principles and promoting boosters is not one of them.

They added that they are not doing it for "the money" and people "can think whatever you like." However, they added that if it is related to their team, the majority might be wrong because they believe that they are "doing a lot of good things for the community."

Na`Vi added that they never intended to set a bad example and that they are going to review their partnership with ybicanooobov. They will be accommodating changes soon.

However, even though ybicanooobov is not an official affiliate of Na`Vi, it is unlikely that they do not know of this advertiser since the product was officially included on their team page on Twitch.

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