Mother Looks On In Horror As Cruise Ship Sails Away With Her Kids After She Returned Late To Port [Video]

A distraught mother looked on in horror as the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship sailed away with her children on board. The unidentified woman disembarked the cruise ship after it ported in the Bahamas for a shopping trip. However, when she failed to return to the port at the designated departure time, cruise ship officials waited an extra 30 minutes for her return. After she failed to appear on the dock in the additional time, the decision was made to leave the woman behind despite the fact that her children were aboard the vessel.

ABC reports that a mother was captured on video by a fellow Norwegian Cruise Line passenger frantically waving her arms and screaming “my kids are on here!” from the dock as the cruise ship pulled away from the port. The woman allegedly disembarked the cruise ship in the Bahamas and was slated to return before the 5:30 p.m. departure time. However, the woman failed to return to the dock at the designated time.

With the missing woman nowhere to be found, cruise ship officials informed the husband that they could no longer wait. The husband was given the opportunity to disembark to wait on the dock for his wife with her travel documents. The husband opted to disembark, but left his children on the ship under the care of their uncle. After exiting the ship, the Norwegian Breakaway quickly pulled away from the port to make up for the lost time spent waiting for the mother.

However, as the ship pulled away from the port, the woman appeared and passengers on the Norwegian Breakaway saw her frantic attempts to wave down the cruise ship. After her unsuccessful attempt to stop the ship, the woman dropped to her knees as she yelled out to the other passengers, “my kids are on here!” Shopping bags could be seen sitting on the ground next to the woman as she laid her head in her hands.

The narrator of the video indicates that the woman is “someone who missed the boat” and says she was screaming that her kids were still on the ship. He notes that it did not appear the boat was slowing down for the woman and then he points out that it appears the husband had made his way to the distraught mother.

Another video of the incident shows the moments leading up to the woman’s collapse on the dock which shows the woman and her husband speeding up the dock on a golf cart.

The cruise line notes that the ship did all it could do to accommodate the woman by waiting an extra 30 minutes at port. However, with strict schedules and deadlines, they were unable to wait any longer. The cruise line did get into contact with the couple after they were left in the Bahamas and made arrangements for the couple to meet the ship at the next port. Norwegian says that they offered travel and lodging arrangements to the couple as well while they made their way to the next port of call.

What do you think about the Norwegian Breakaway leaving the late mother behind while her children were still on board the vessel? Do you think they went above and beyond by offering the couple lodging and travel assistance despite the woman causing the ship to be behind schedule by 30 minutes?