‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Belle Faces Questions From Philip, Claire Gets A Shocker, And Ciara Proposes A Plan

There is plenty of action on the way with Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers indicate that Philip will work on a response to Belle’s elopement idea while Claire is on the receiving end of some good news. Theo will be having a difficult discussion while Abe and Ciara proposes a shocking plan. What else is coming up during the April 28 show?

As viewers saw during Thursday’s show, Belle and Philip had a frisky encounter together after she and Shawn bickered over Claire. As Belle and Philip were talking afterwards, she tossed out the idea that perhaps they should head to Las Vegas and get married. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Philip will be a bit flustered by Belle’s idea.

Will Philip agree to rush off and marry Belle? Based on the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming episodes, it sounds as if he will put that idea on hold, despite the fact that he has been very anxious to move this relationship forward.

Belle is obviously jumping the gun a bit and it sounds as if Philip may question whether she is really over Shawn. Viewers can tell that she is not, and it seems that Philip will be cognizant of that too. Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that both Belle and Shawn will be making some big decisions soon that certainly hint toward Philip declining this offer to elope.

Claire and the other teens ended up behind bars after the vandalism incident at the prom, but Days of Our Lives spoilers note that there is good news for one of them on the way. Claire sang one of her songs during the prom and she is about to find out that it is a big hit online. As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, this hit may lead her to consider what to do next. Does she start to focus even more heavily on music rather than school, taking advantage of the momentum she has right now?


As it turns out, Claire isn’t the only one who will be considering a focus on something other than school right now. Ciara has been struggling a great deal since Chase raped her, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she is about to propose a plan. Now that Abigail is away working on her mental health, Chad is looking for someone to help care for Thomas. Ciara will suggest that she could quit school and become the baby’s full-time nanny.

Ciara may think that this is a brilliant idea, but Hope will certainly object. Chad may need help with Thomas, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he will suggest an alternative plan that doesn’t involve having Ciara quit school. He will surely have her helping on a part-time basis, but there is buzz swirling that she may end up living at the DiMera mansion to help with Thomas soon, and that could lead to her developing a bit of a crush on Chad.


Abe has been growing increasingly concerned about Theo’s relationship with Ciara, and that concern will escalate after the vandalism incident. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Abe will tell Theo that he wants him to stay away from Ciara. Abe is anxious to protect his son, but most would imagine that Theo will push back against his father at this suggestion.

There are lots of big moments ahead as the May sweeps kick into gear. There will be some significant arrivals and departures in the episodes airing this spring and fans will not want to miss a minute of the action as it plays out on Days of Our Lives.


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