Hockey Virgin Tony X Watches Hockey For First Time, Live Tweets It To Viral Results

Monday’s Game 7 of the National Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues-Chicago Blackhawks playoff series was an awesome game. But what would end up becoming the most celebrated aspect of the hockey game, reports Total Pro Sports, would not be the final score — a 6-3 Blackhawks victory — but instead the live Tweet session of a man who had never watched a hockey game before and was able to view the magical experience of an NFL playoff game through virgin eyes.

NFL's Hockey Virgin: Tony X Live Tweets

[Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/ Getty Images]

The series of tweets from the hockey virgin, whose Twitter name is Tony X (@soloucity) are spot-on in terms of capturing the spirit of excitement that makes professional hockey so special in the hearts tens of millions of fans around the world. The fact that everything he saw was new to him made everything he typed seem even more magical, and existing hockey fans were enthralled that this completely uninitiated hockey virgin fell in love with “their game” so quickly and willingly.

Just seconds after the opening face-off, in fact, Tony X was hooked.

Over the next 96 minutes, Tony the hockey virgin would give the world an amazing portrait of a man finding his true passion in life.

After bringing race into it, Tony took some time to just sit back and enjoy the hockey magic transpiring before him until Chicago Blackhawks right wing Dale Weise slammed in a gino to break a 3-3 tie.

By that point, Tony felt assured that hockey was for him and began to speak on the actual players themselves. His virgin perspective was still just as endearing.

Feeling he had a good grasp of the game by that point, Tony began devising strategic gambits for hockey coaches to learn from.

And, after the final horn sounded:

Very loosely indeed, especially because Tony is from the city of the losing St. Louis Blues.

Tony X reflected on the violent nature of pro hockey, but like the vast majority of hockey fans, he loved all the face-punching, blood-drawing action and revealed he hopes it is in NHL 16, the hockey simulation he purchased shortly after the game (if you’re interested, you can buy it for PS4 here).

The hockey virgin’s commentary went viral overnight, amassing many thousands of “favorites” per tweet (on average) and drawing many comments from amused hockey fans welcoming Tony to the game.

But the hockey newbie’s public attention did not stop there. The next afternoon, the official St. Louis Blues sent him a tweet offering him free hockey tickets next season.

Tony, now no longer a hockey virgin, accepted with gusto.

Tony’s viral success went even further when he began to befriend some of hockey’s biggest stars and icons on Twitter, reports Complex.

Is Tony’s hockey-spawned viral success over, or is this just the beginning of a hockey commentating career for Mr. X? Either way, hockey fans are glad to welcome him to the fold!

And this all started with Tony just trying to find the St. Louis Cardinals game…

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