WWE News: Former TNA Stars Bobby Roode And Eric Young Part Of WWE NXT Tapings Tonight?

In a world where we all expect to see the best wrestling product possible, WWE has attempted to give it to us with WWE NXT. NXT may be considered the "developmental" product for WWE, but to most, that is not the case at all. To NXT fans and to people like Triple H, it is a brand. WWE seems to be treating it like one far more, as they are now doing live events and even tours of places like The U.K. WWE is expected to tour even more so this year and in 2017.

Due to this, WWE needs to continue to add more stars to their NXT product. This has led to many stars coming to WWE and working with the NXT product. Even big names outside the WWE such as Shinsuke Nakamura have come in as well as major champions such as Austin Aries and Samoa Joe.

Now it appears that former TNA World Champions Eric Young and Bobby Roode are potentially coming into the company. According to Ringside News, Eric Young was spotted coming into the Full Sail Arena. On top of that, Roode was said to be backstage ready to go as well.

Eric Young then showed up to challenge Samoa Joe for the NXT Title at the tapings. This would then confirm the rumor. Triple H would then welcome Young via Twitter. This is an interesting situation for Finn Balor fans, as it was speculated that he would have a match with Joe for the NXT Title at the Takeover special. This kind of gives into the rumors of Balor potentially showing up at WWE Payback. This is mainly because WWE seems to be adding Young into the title picture right away and he could take Balor's place in NXT.

While it is uncertain how things will go with Young, it is interesting to see this. Balor did work the tapings, however.

While it is unknown currently what would happen with Roode, it can almost be guaranteed he'll be either part of the tapings this week or he'll be in the company before the end of the summer. Roode was officially wrapped with TNA Wrestling as Beer Money lost the TNA Tag Titles on the latest round of tapings to end Roode's run with the company. That was Roode's last show. Young left around the same time.

Bobby Roode
[Image via WWE]

Now that both are done with their part of TNA, it makes sense to see the two of them show up on WWE programming. The fact that Eric Young is coming in and being added to the NXT World Title scene is certainly bigger than you might think. It has been rumored for some time that WWE was more interested in Young than Roode because he has shown he can play characters well. On top of this, he is younger than Roode which is a big deal.

While it is uncertain what type of contract they will sign, people like Samoa Joe have proven that there is clearly a need to sign them to full-time deals because of the popularity they can bring to WWE. Joe truly blazed a trail with how he worked things out, and now that he has become the NXT Champion, he clearly has the company on his side.

TNA talent now has a good "in" with the company, and with guys like Austin Aries already in and now Eric Young, others may eventually make their way into the company soon enough,

Some might say that NXT is becoming TNA a bit; however, most WWE fans would say that this is what TNA could have been with their stars. Regardless of how anyone feels, it does look like two more men will be added to the NXT roster officially this week. Now we're just waiting on the It Factor.

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