Prince’s Death: Fans Await Unreleased Songs From Late Pop Icon — Sources Claim That 200 Songs Are Stored In His Vault

Prince fans have voraciously been searching the internet for Prince’s unreleased songs ever since his untimely death last week.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the urge fans have to find these secret, unreleased Prince songs. The unreleased songs are reportedly stashed away somewhere deep in the corridors of Prince’s massive Paisley Park estate (soon to be a museum).

Their efforts, so far, have not resulted to actual discovery of Prince’s hidden work.

But now, according to the Associated Press, the alleged “vault” full of unreleased songs at Prince’s home/recording studio will finally be opened.

Toure’, an author and journalist covering Prince’s death, stated this of the supposed hundreds of unreleased Prince songs.

“There could be hundreds of songs we haven’t heard, and I ‘m told they’re from all sorts of eras.” Toure’ added that Prince recorded a song a day on average during an “extraordinarily prolific” stretch in the 1980s.

For instance, only nine tracks made it to Prince’s breakout “Purple Rain” album, but sources are saying that up to 200 songs were recorded and unreleased during that time period.

Fans can also expect unreleased album sessions from “Camille, “Dream Factory,” and “Roadhouse Garden” to surface.


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Prince also reportedly has unreleased collaboration songs with artists like Miles Davis, The Bangles, The Time, and Mavis Staples.

Toure’ added this on Prince’s unreleased songs, “If anyone could have a great album in the vault, or several great songs, it could be him.”

Toure’ interviewed Prince when he wrote I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon in 2013.

Music writer Stephen Thomas Erlewine suggested Prince’s posthumous, unreleased song collection could be of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series ilk. Dylan, who’s currently 74, has an extensive anthology consisting of demos, rare tracks, and alternate takes at concerts.

Erlewine, a senior pop editor at Rovi, said he’s hoping for a live album.

“We really don’t have any live recordings of Prince at his peak.” He then added, “I think there will be re-workings of familiar songs that will put Prince’s released albums in context, and there will be songs that will be a complete surprise.” user PURPLEIZED3121 expressed sadness as well as the desire to wait for the unreleased Prince songs to be released.

“They need to take their time with this, It could actually be a very joyful and healing experience.”

Some Prince super fans believe that Prince’s unreleased songs should be handled more delicately as the pop icon has just passed away.

According to the fan site, The Revolution isn’t even involved with the releasing of Prince’s hidden songs to the public. Prince’s old band are, however, reuniting in honor of Prince, according to sources,


AP writes that the vault is indeed in a secured location on Prince’s Paisley Park grounds, despite the fabled lore surrounding it.

The eccentric Prince really had a top architect by the name of Bret Thoeny build a walk-in repository similar to a bank vault. Thoeny told CNN, “He wanted a place to keep his master recordings, but at the time it was very important to keep this a secret.”

However, the vault containing Prince’s unreleased songs will probably remain locked for months, according to sources. Prince’s Paisley Park is still facing legal issues in probate court primarily due to a lack of will and testament left by Prince given his early death.

Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, confirmed that her pop legend brother did not leave one. Therefore, Prince’s property situation might be a stringent one as sources have yet to even confirm the cause of his death a week after.


Do you think that it’s too early to unveil Prince’s unreleased songs?

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