Julia Roberts Talks George Clooney And Sex Toys

Julia Roberts could sell sand at the beach. Or at least, that’s the role she plays in her new movie, Mother’s Day, coming out this Friday.

Roberts plays a Home Shopping Network host in the upcoming flick, so Ellen DeGenerous invited her to play a game of, “Pitch, Please” on the air on Thursday.

Videos of the spot were available on YouTube, but appear to have been censored.

For the game, Roberts had to peddle products that she could not see, but were visible to the audience. Items included:

  • a blindfold
  • furry handcuffs
  • leather handcuffs
  • cat o’ nine tails

According to E! Online, Roberts was “up for the challenge.”

“I think everyone should have one of these. It is versatile. It is hypoallergenic. It comes in a variety of sizes, and Mother’s Day is around the corner.”

When she wears some of the items, she feels “really empowered, and just ready for any kind of challenge.”

“I feel part of things, like I do now. I don’t feel in any way isolated.”

Roberts said she will wear them to play tennis, “if the weather is nice” or “around the house” when she’s cooking or “watching a movie with my husband.”

When the trick was revealed, Roberts roared, “Oh my god!” and gave her trademark guffaw.

Mother’s Day is a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Roberts. It is directed by Roberts’ longtime associate Garry Marshall, who is continuing what the L.A. Times called their, “One-Movie-Per-Decade Streak.”

The “streak” began in 1990 with Pretty Woman, followed by Runaway Bride.

Runaway Bride came out in 1999, but Marshall, at 81, decided not to wait. He stuck the screenplay for Mother’s Day in Roberts’ mailbox with a note.

“I know it hasn’t been 10 years, but I think we need to pick up the pace.”

In Mother’s Day, Roberts plays Miranda Collins, a character who loves animal prints and lives for work, until she is suddenly confronted with the daughter she gave up years prior. Julia finished all her scenes in just four days.

“We knew what we were trying to accomplish, and Garry has a tendency to put me out there and leave me out there and just keep shouting from the darkness like, ‘Do it again! Do it better! Do it faster! Do it funnier!’ And things come up. That’s the thing with Garry. I feel so safe with him, and I know that he knows better than anyone on the planet Earth what’s funny.”

Marshall said that Roberts is fun to work with.

“We try to make each other laugh, which is a different relationship. I think way back, quickly, in Pretty Woman, the prop man was bringing out binoculars and she said, ‘Ooh, hide them, Garry will make me do something crazy with the binoculars!’ And I did make her do something crazy with the binoculars and we got a big laugh. So ever since then, she’s like, ‘Hey, what did you want me to do?'”

Roberts added that there is reminiscing with Marshall.

“We do reminisce. We’re both kind of nostalgic people. And honestly, how many people do you have a whole lifetime of work with? Not a lot.”

But George Clooney would be on her list.

Ellen asked Roberts about her friend, George Clooney, her co-star in the next movie project, Money Monster. Roberts’ reply may have been a surprise.

“George is so enormously popular that I don’t always enjoy going out to dinner with him. Because everybody wants to talk to George, and I have a tendency when a bunch of us go out to dinner to go home early. I also like to go to bed early. And he always shouts ‘Quitter!’ as I am leaving the restaurant.”

A year ago, Ellen asked Roberts what she thought of Amal Clooney.

“I think it is sublime. She is beautiful and smart, and he is happy, and that’s what matters to me.”

The topic couldn’t stay serious though, as Ellen pointed out that the photo of George and Julia looked like, “they were in the middle of the road and a car is coming.”

The film Money Monster, starring Clooney and Roberts, will be released on May 13.

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)