‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ May Sweeps Spoilers: Thomas Learns The Truth, Sasha Breaks Her Silence About Julius, And An Early Delivery Beats All Odds

The Bold and the Beautiful is gearing up for an action-packed May sweeps in the next couple of days. So much drama is about to erupt, from Katie Spencer getting closer to discovering the truth about Douglas’ real father to Sasha exposing Julius’ decades-old paternity secret. The spoilers tease that May Sweeps opens with Thomas Forrester learning that Caroline’s baby is his biological child. Sasha will break her silence about Julius Avant, and reveal the identity of her real father. The revelation sends shock waves through the Avant family and causes so much stress that Nicole goes into premature labor. Quinn develops an unlikely alliance with Steffy and an unexpected early delivery beats all odds and creates family unity.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that anytime now Thomas will find out that he is Douglas’ real father. When the truth comes out, Caroline and Ridge are going to be faced with some tough questions. They will have to give a reason why they hid the fact that Thomas was the baby’s father, not Ridge. In fact, CBS Soaps In Depth disclosed that Ridge will be pretty upset that he has to admit the truth, and he will place all the blame for the lie at Katie Spencer’s feet. If only she hadn’t snooped in his private business, no one would know about Douglas’ paternity.

For quite some time, Sasha has been threatening to expose Julius to his family. Sasha explained to him that she has nothing to lose, and she was more than willing to tell his family that he had an affair with her mother, and she is the product of that infidelity. Until recently, Julius would do anything she wanted to ensure his secret stayed buried. Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Julius decided to call her bluff and told her to blab to the Avant family about his secret — he doesn’t care anymore.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Julius thought that Sasha wouldn’t expose him, but boy was he ever wrong. Soap Opera Digest previewed that Sasha runs to Nicole and Maya and tells all. At first, Brad Bell explains that they didn’t believe it, but the more she talked, the more they believed. Apparently, the stress causes Nicole to go into premature labor and Maya begins to panic that the baby won’t make it.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that against all odds, the Avant baby makes it. They put all their differences aside as they hope and pray that the tiny miracle pulls through and makes it. Maya and Rick become parents, and according to Brad Bell, Nicole hands the newborn over without “too much drama.”

One of the most surprising spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful May Sweeps was Quinn’s unlikely alliance with Steffy. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Quinn reaches out to Steffy in hopes she can convince Liam to forgive her. It isn’t evident if Steffy agrees to help her mother-in-law or turns her into Bill, but one thing is for sure, Steffy will feel conflicted about helping her after she kidnapped Liam.


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