Man In Panda Suit Brings Bomb Into FOX TV Station: Bomber Claimed To Have ‘Panama Paper’ Leaks On Flash Drive [BREAKING] [WATCH]

A Baltimore Fox News affiliate TV station has just been evacuated due to a man dressed in some sort of animal suit bringing a bomb to the TV station.

The motive for the unidentified man bringing the bomb in the station are still unclear entirely. It is also unclear whether the young male was wearing a panda suit or hedgehog suit on the scene.

Nevertheless, the TV station bomber wasn’t taken lightly for too long as his threats were made.

According to Twitter, the peculiarly dressed man then reportedly gave the Baltimore FOX TV station security guard a flash drive, claiming that the there is footage of him calling out government conspiracies while threatening authorities with a bomb.

The TV station security guard took the furry-clad bomber as a joke initially before threats were made and his intentions became clear.

Shelley Orman at the FOX TV station said the bomb-bringing bandit demanded air time to get his message across, or else he’d set off his said bomb.

Beneath his apparent Panda/hedgehog suit, the man wielding the bomb told news station employees that the bomb was strapped to his chest beneath the bizarre costume.

The man holding the bomb then set a car on fire outside of the FOX45 Baltimore station before entering the building — threatening to set off the bomb.

Next, bomb squad technicians arrived on the scene.

Reuters provided an update on the man bringing a bomb into the FOX TV station. After police arrived on the scene, the man was apprehended, but not killed by police reportedly.

The Baltimore police sent a robot to check the man, who appeared to be in his 20s. No official identity has yet been given of the potential bomber.

Police have also verified that the “Panda Man” broke into the station to get some air time for his “Panama Paper”-related information contained on his hard drive.

Station director, Mike Tomko, stated as follows.

“He had a flash drive, said he had information he wanted to get on the air. He compared it to the information found in the Panama Papers. Apparently he had made some threats before.”

Other TV station employees also described the potential bomber as a man wearing a white, one-piece panda suit with a surgical mask and sunglasses.

Baltimore fire department officials have already extinguished the bomb and are actively cleaning up the scene. More details are to emerge at the Panda-suit wearing bomber is taken into custody.

[Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]