‘Hipster Topics’ Banned From San Francisco Coffee Shop

San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee is more than willing to put up with your hipster clothes, your hipster glasses, your hipster hat, and your unkempt hipster beard, but there are some things they will not put up with. According to The Huffington Post, the discussion of “hipster topics” will simply not be tolerated. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere, I suppose.

Patrons who hang out in the coffee shop’s back alley — which has been appropriately dubbed Alley Barrel — will find the list of rules tacked on the wall. Although you may initially think this is some sort of joke, apparently the owners of the establishment are quite serious about the regulations.

Anyone with a hint of social decency should be able to follow these instructions to the letter. Four Barrel Coffee would love nothing more than for customers to pick up after themselves, refrain from speaking too loudly, avoid getting run over by oncoming traffic, and, above all else, avoid discussing “annoying hipster topics.” This, apparently, includes who you’ve slept with in recent days. After all, nobody wants to hear that mess.

It would seem that the coffeehouse is just having a bit of fun at their patron’s expense, but anyone who has spent any amount of time outside of hipster hangouts can attest to the high volume of inane conversations which take place at all hours of the day. Although banning “hipster topics” sounds snotty, chances are they’re just trying to keep their neighbors happy while having a laugh in the process.

So what, precisely, constitutes a hipster topic? According to the Seattle PI, retro cameras, bicycles, and found art should be immediately tossed into the mix. Additionally, the website suggests that these rules should be applied to coffee shops and other like-minded establishments all across the globe.

Urban dictionary offers up a lengthy definition of the term “hipster”, while Dictionary.com keeps things simple. According to the website, a hipster is “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.”

Do you consider yourself a hipster?