Pike County Teen Threatened Ohio Massacre Victim, Chris Rhoden, On Facebook Days Before Mass Murder, Says He Is Innocent

A 19-year-old teen from Pike County is in hot water after threatening the youngest Ohio massacre victim on Facebook just days before his grisly murder. Rusty Mongold, 19, was upset with Chris Rhoden after the pair were involved in a road rage incident. Mongold said he wanted to “beat his skull in” following the incident, and went on to say he was “not worried” because “we will get them, all of them.” The threat was made on the public social media forum, but the teen maintains he had nothing to do with the Rhoden family murder, claiming he simply wanted to fight the 16-year-old victim, not kill him.

The Daily Mail reports that 19-year-old Rusty Mongold has been questioned by police regarding the mass murder of a family in Pike County, Ohio. The questioning occurred after it was discovered the teen had threatened the youngest murder victim, 16-year-old Chris Rhoden, just days before the massacre. The threat came following a road rage incident in which Mongold claims Rhoden “hit his car.” Following the incident, Mongold said he was “pissed off” and wanted to “beat [Chris Rhoden’s] skull in.” The post included a further threat noting that the teen would “get them all.” However, Mongold never indicating in the post who else he wanted to “get.”

The post seems to be referring to a secondary post made by Mongold on April 9, 2016, the day the alleged road rage incident took place. In the first post about the incident, Mongold said he would break the “f****** legs” of the person in the car and wanted to “curb stomp” his “a**.”

Rusty Mongold Pike County Rusty Mongold seems to threaten an individual who hit him with a car at a McDonald’s parking lot following an altercation. The driver of the car would later be identified as Chris Rhoden, the youngest victim of the Pike County massacre. [Image via Facebook]Despite the teen’s rage over the incident with Chris Rhoden, he says he never wanted to kill him, only fight him. Rusty Mongold was handcuffed and questioned by police following the discovery of the inflammatory posts. However, Mongold is maintaining his innocence and says that he had dropped the feud with the Rhoden family shortly before the execution-style murders took place. He has since taken to Facebook to attempt to clear his name and to tell people to stop sending him death threats.

Rusty goes so far as to say he turned himself into the police knowing they would find the post and that he had nothing to hide. He claims that he had patched things over with the Rhoden family before their deaths and that he even provided DNA samples to the police to clear his name. He also notes that he was working from 11:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the night of the murders, and that his employer can prove he was there the entire time, as there are security cameras in the facility.

Friends of Rusty are speaking up, as well, noting that while the teen may have wanted to fight Chris Rhoden, they say he would never kill anyone. Meanwhile, that hasn’t stopped the teen from receiving death threats and accusatory messages on Facebook.

Meanwhile, police have not released any information on potential suspects noting that the case is still open and investigations are still underway. What do you think about the Pike County teen receiving death threats following the Rhoden family murder? If police have obtained video surveillance from Mongold’s place of employment, should they make a public statement clearing his name?

[Image via Facebook/Rusty Mongold]