Alec Baldwin Tweets Wedding Photo, Despite Having Quit Twitter Months Ago

Alec Baldwin wed his current wife back in June, and surprisingly, very few photos of the occasion exist. That’s probably because Baldwin fought like a madman to keep press and paparazzi away from his nuptials. Regardless, he posted a wedding picture to his Twitter to commemorate his 8,000th tweet (wow) on the popular micro-blogging site.

But wait… Alec Baldwin famously quit Twitter months ago…

Oh, he’s tweeting from his Alec Baldwin Foundation account. Well, that’s just cheating.

The actor has been pretty entertaining lately. He has engaged in a very public war with paparazzi and photojournalists over the past several months, threatening and seething at them when the pop up outside his New York apartment. In some cases, he just outright hits them or runs them over when they’re in his way. Then came his super-secret wedding to yoga siren Hilaria Thomas – an event where all media figures counted as persona non grata, and of which still precious few details are known.

But thanks to the ABF tweet, we know for sure that did indeed happen, as Baldwin’s 8,000th tweet is a picture of him nuzzling Thomas, the both of them in nuptial attire. “My 8000th tweet is a smile to @hilariabaldwin,” Baldwin tweeted along with the photo.

They look pretty happy, and we’re pleased as peaches to see that.

The real issue here is Baldwin’s violation of his self-imposed Twitter embargo. Come on, Baldwin! We thought you quit? You can’t be using the Alec Baldwin Foundation page for personal tidbits like “@IrelandBaldwin I could watch Pirates of the Caribbean over & over & over ….. Or SWEENEY TODD…” Show some resolve, man!

All kidding aside, you can check out Alec Baldwin’s tweeted wedding photo of himself and wife Hilaria Thomas here. It has since been removed from the ABF Twitter feed. Perhaps he knows that we’re onto him…