‘Bernie Or Bust’: Jane Sanders Predicts Big Bernie Sanders Comeback As Hillary Clinton Struggles To Convert His Supporters

Bernie Sanders only won Rhode Island out of the last group of primary states, prompting Hillary Clinton to begin her attempt at winning over his supporters. Jane Sanders has since spoken out and urged supporters to hang in there and continue their efforts to spread the word because she predicts that Bernie will have a huge comeback in the upcoming primaries that will give his campaign a huge boost. This is a big deal to “Bernie or Bust” supporters who refuse to give up and want to keep campaigning for Sanders all the way up to the Democratic National Convention.

Jane Sanders recently sat down with MSNBC’s Morning Joe for an interview.

“You remember in mid-March after a string of losses, the media wrote his political obituary and we came back to win eight in a row,” Jane said according to Politico. “So we’re expecting to do the same here.”

Bernie Sanders’ wife spoke out on his behalf just one day after reports claimed that he was laying off hundreds of workers as the campaign wrapped up. That’s not the case though, and it didn’t take long to set the record straight. In reality, Sanders campaign was laying off campaign workers in states where the primaries were already over and will be focusing his efforts on California and other states who still have primaries to hold. This is not an indication that Bernie Sanders has lost anything, but rather that he’s shifting the focus of his campaign to states who still have to vote.

“It was a difficult time,” Jane Sanders said about the recent primary losses. “We knew that New York had 3 million independents that couldn’t vote in the closed primary and they would have had to change their party registration back in October last year.” New York voters have tried to change the rules regarding the primary to turn it from closed to open or to allow voters to register closer to the primaries, and so far, there hasn’t been much luck.

“Four out of the five contests that were just done last Tuesday were closed primaries again,” Jane continued. “The open primary, Rhode Island, we won. Connecticut, we came very, very close, and if it had been an open primary, we have no doubt we would have won. Pennsylvania, we would have come close or won.”

Many Hillary Clinton supporters, even those as prominent as author Anne Rice, have called for Bernie Sanders’ supporters to wrap it up and fall in line behind Clinton, despite the fact that she has not earned enough delegates to automatically become the nominee, and despite the possibility that Bernie could do really well in several upcoming primaries including the delegate-rich California.

“Bernie or Bust” supporters have been combating the idea that his campaign is over in the days following the disappointing losses because there still is plenty of time to turn things around. Sanders himself has vowed to take the fight for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention in July and at this point, there is nothing that Hillary Clinton can do to stop him.

Coming into the New York primary, it was reported that Hillary Clinton needed to win the rest of the states by at least 65 percent in order to shut Bernie Sanders down and she wasn’t able to do that. With a majority of the upcoming primaries being open or partially open, Sanders actually has the upper hand and the ability to add more delegates to his count than Hillary can add to hers.

“Bernie or Bust” supporters know this and that’s why they continue to support the progressive candidate despite the constant urging from Hillary Clinton supporters to fall in line and follow status quo, something those involved in Bernie Sanders’ revolution are not willing to do.

[Photo by Jon Sommers II/Getty Images]