Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook Invest Heavily On Artificial Intelligence and Bodyguards

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now weighed in on what is important to him and the future of the company that he founded over a decade ago. One thing that was of particular interest was what he had to say about artificial intelligence and what it means to Facebook, and the internet, moving forward.

What Mark Zuckerberg is currently doing with artificial intelligence is what most people would see as the technology of the future. A.I. has long been considered an inevitable form of technology that was bound to make its way to the public in one way or another at some point. The fact that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have set their sights on it means they are clearly focusing on the future. But what he had to say about it can lead some to wonder if there could be some sort of domination by the technology that might in some way phase human interaction out of the spectrum. Of course, that is not likely to happen, but it could conceivably take place, should the market demand it.

One thing of note that Mark Zuckerberg told Facebook investors on a conference call was that Facebook is looking to expand the technology to the point where it can far exceed the standard human senses, according to The Verge. That includes touch, smell, sight and hearing, but he fell short of mentioning taste. Of course it makes sense that A.I. technology for taste could be a much longer process to develop given its sensitivity to anything wet.

What Mark Zuckerberg outlined in that call could indeed be an astonishing achievement for technology and growth. But there could also be certain economic impacts that could cancel out the human experience, and in effect, dissolve the platform from which it was created. Just consider that if a machine can do your job for you using the same senses and cognitive skills that you have, then that means a cheaper version of you will take your job.

Many people in America, as well as around the world, have already seen what that looks like in the manufacturing industry. But those kinds of machines do not have the A.I. quotient necessary for what’s to come. People who lost their jobs in the manufacturing industry have gone back to school to seek out training in the technical industry, given that’s where all the jobs were. But if those jobs also get replaced, there aren’t many options to resort to for a solid economy.

So, what Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are trying to achieve with their own social media platform may not have a direct impact on you up front. But once other companies embrace the technology, that could eventually lead to a massive loss of jobs in the private sector.

Facebook is not only focusing their resources on A.I. According to New York Post, Facebook is spending records amount of money just trying to keep their CEO safe from any harm.

Following a regulatory filing last year, Facebook spent more than $5 million protecting Mark Zuckerberg from any potential threats. That is actually down from what they spent in 2014, which was $6.2 million. As a matter of fact, they have spent over $14.5 million in the last 3 years alone keeping Mark Zuckerberg safe.

Those who are unaware what the standard for this type of protection might be, take a look at the comparison. Over at Apple, that company spent $209,151 keeping their CEO, Tim Cook, safe from any potential threats.

As for Mark Zuckerberg, he does not have to shell out a dime for his own protection. This is all provided for him by Facebook, which means they are heavily invested in keeping him on board for quite some time. It might also have something to do with the A.I. technology that he is trying to launch with the company.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]