Debra Dill, Michael Boucher: Maine Cold Case Murder Of Teen To Air On 'Motives And Murders: Cracking The Case' On ID

Debra Dill, the 18-year old West Gardiner woman whose dead body was found in the woods of Maine four decades ago, will be the highlighted story to air on ID's hit crime TV series Motives And Murders: Cracking the Case. The episode, "Sheltered from the Truth," featuring Debra Dill, and her killer, Michael Boucher, will tell the story of a bright-eyed teen who is looking forward to getting married, when she encounters a stranger who follows her and forces her off the road. Expect to hear from Debra Dill's family and friends, and other experts who have knowledge of the true story.


Debra Dill didn't come home one night in 1973. That's because the beautiful teen was lying dead in some bushes off of Whippoorwill Road, near the Tacoma Lakes area in Litchfield. A 53-year old man found her body at daylight as he was headed into town. When police arrived, it looked like it might have been a car wreck. But, an autopsy report would conclude that Debra Dill had been strangled and bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Back in 1973, no one had any idea what happened to her. The residents at the time, heard what they called a "commotion" in the area where her body and car were found. The facts of her death remained a true mystery for almost 20 years.

By 1988, police detectives received information that led them to Michael Boucher, a man with a criminal record that included two assaults on women. The pieces of the puzzle were glued together after Boucher's ex-wife, Anita, came forward with information about Debra Dill's death.

According to the Sun Journal, Anita testified in court that she remembered Michael Boucher coming home drunk that night with blood on his clothes. She also distinctly remembered that his hands were busted up. She treated the wounds, and then asked him what happened. Boucher told her that he had gotten into a fight with someone. However, on another occasion, Michael Boucher told her that he had killed a woman in Maine, then used her shirt to clean the wheel. He said that he'd met the woman at a local doughnut shop, where he became angry after she insulted him, so he took out behind her in his car, following her a distance, until he could run the young woman off the road.

Shocked and terrified, Anita Boucher burned a letter that was allegedly penned by Debra Dill, and kept Michael's secret for years, according to the Sun Journal.


Debra Dill, of West Gardiner, was living with a girlfriend's parents and working at a department store in town. She was also looking forward to marrying a police officer, her sister Vicki Dill stated to WMTW-8.

"She was making plans to get married. She was engaged to a police officer in Lewiston. That was my big sister. That's who I looked up to. I don't know what kind of relationship we'd have now. She was ripped from my life and I didn't have anything to say about it."
Michael Boucher was convicted in 1991. Today, Debra Dill's family is still fighting to keep Michael Boucher from making parole, and they are unmoved by any remorse that Michael Boucher has shown in later years, Vicki Dill continues in the interview with WMTW-8.
"We get to tell them that he is a stalker, that he is a predator. This is his past, this is his history. He's going to do it again. We appeal to them that we're trying to protect our family and other families that are going to be impacted by this if they let him out. He's going to do this again."
West Gardiner, the area where Debra Dill was from, has a population of less than 4,000 residents. A small town located in Kennebec County, West Gardiner is about 10 minutes from Litchfield, Maine, the city where Dill's body was found.

Debra Dill's story will air tonight at 9/8 p.m. central on Motives And Murders: Cracking the Case on Investigation Discovery (ID).

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