WWE News: Betting Odds Revealed For ‘Payback’ — AJ Styles Doesn’t Stand A Chance

This Sunday, WWE will present the annual Pay-Per-View (PPV) known as Payback, and there are eight big matches on the card. There’s also going to be the McMahon-family situation where Vince determines if Shane or Stephanie have control of Monday Night RAW. As for the matches, the betting odds are now out for all of them, and it doesn’t seem as if there is a lot of surprise on the horizon. For one, there is hardly any faith that AJ Styles will take the win in the main event.

When it comes to the betting odds being laid out for wrestling, it’s a lot different than those for an NBA or NFL game. With wrestling, WWE has the power to change the end result of a match at any given moment, and at the last second, so it’s truly a gamble.

The main event of Payback will pit AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rumors are flying around that the match is actually going to be more of a way to further the AJ Styles/Bullet Club storyline than anything else.

wwe payback betting odds aj styles roman reigns the miz cesaro bullet club shane mcmahon
Many don’t expect Reigns to drop the title just yet, even though AJ Styles is more than deserving of holding it. Well, it appears as if the Payback betting odds from Bet Wrestling aren’t putting much confidence in a Styles’ victory, either, as he’s a huge underdog.

To fully understand how the betting odds work, names with a plus sign indicate the underdog while the minus sign points out the favorite. The number following those signs indicated how high or low the possibility of the wrestler winning or low the match actually is.

  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • Roman Reigns (-475) vs. AJ Styles (+325)

A bet of $100 on AJ Styles and a victory by him would bring about a payout of $325. A $475 bet on Roman Reigns and a victory by him would bring about a payout of $100.

Some of the other matches are a bit closer, and the underdogs aren’t as heavily favored against as Styles is. For instance, the betting odds for another title match are much closer.

wwe payback betting odds aj styles roman reigns the miz cesaro bullet club shane mcmahon the miz cesaro
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • The Miz (-110) vs. Cesaro (+130)

As you can see, the odds are much closer for this match, and many feel as if WWE will finally be giving Cesaro the push he’s long deserved.

The rest of the betting odds for Payback are as follows.

  • WWE Women’s Championship
  • Charlotte (-420) vs Natalya (+300)
  • Dean Ambrose (-705) vs Chris Jericho (+435)
  • Dolph Ziggler (+300) vs Baron Corbin (-420)
  • Sami Zayn (-145) vs Kevin Owens (+105)
  • Tag Team Tournament Finals
  • Enzo Amore and Big Cass (+280) vs The Vaudevillains (-400)
  • WWE United States Championship – Kickoff Match
  • Kalisto (+130) vs Ryback (-170)

Even though Ryback isn’t a heavy favorite in the Kickoff Match, it’s quite expected that he will end up winning the United States Championship. He has vented recently and expressed his frustration with his position in the company.

Along with all the matches, it has been announced and detailed by WWE.com that Vince McMahon will decide whether Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon get control of Monday Night RAW. It’s believed that he will end up splitting control of the company between the two, but there are no betting odds for that.

wwe payback betting odds aj styles roman reigns the miz cesaro bullet club shane mcmahon
Payback is actually coming off more as a breeding ground for new feuds more than one where the matches blow off big-time battles. The betting odds don’t really have a lot of influence as to what happens in the ring, as WWE can change the ending of any match at any given time. For now, though, AJ Styles defeating Roman Reigns and capturing the WWE Title is not a result that anyone really sees happening.

[Image via WWE]