Pink Regrets Calling Prince ‘Rude’: Singer Reflects On Argument With Icon

Pink once called Prince a “rude f****,” and now the singer is revealing not only that she regrets her words but shares what prompted her to speak to him that way.

It has been a week since the shocking death Prince. The memories, tributes, and honors keep pouring out across the music and entertainment industry. Pink is the latest celebrity to speak out regarding the icon. However, her memory is not a pleasant one. In fact, it is one she just admitted to regretting.

While doing an interview with the Australian morning show Fitzy and Whippa, Pink reflected on a backstage encounter she had with the “When Doves Cry” singer early on in her career. It was not the best of encounters and ended up her speaking not so nicely to the icon.

“It was about owning your own masters. I asked him to collaborate with me. He asked if I owned my masters. I told him ‘no, I didn’t’ because I had just actually got a record deal, so it was a little early for me to be demanding my masters back. He told me to call him when I did. I told him he was a rude f*** then I went on stage.”

Despite the nature of their conversation and their little tiff, the “Raise Your Glass” singer was quick to point out her respect and love for Prince. She also shared that at the time she did not realize that he was asking for her own good. It was one of those things that she didn’t understand until years later.

“I was 19 at the time, so I didn’t see people from good places back then.”

Pink may have called Prince “a rude f***” back in the day, but she does regret it now and has nothing but love for the icon. She not only talked about her true feelings for him but also reacted to his sudden death as well.

“With Prince and Bowie and others…the world lost a lot of sparkle this year and it’s left a whole in my heart because I don’t know what’s going to replace it. These people are irreplaceable and it’s just really, really sad.”

It is hard to believe that anyone would ever say a bad thing about Prince, much less say something bad to him. The news that Pink had a backstage argument with the icon at the beginning of her career comes as quite a surprise, especially considering what she said to him. However, she has never been one to keep quiet or shy away from how she felt.


Although fans are just now learning that Pink once called Prince “a rude f***,” the singer herself has moved on from it. She recognized her words were wrong and it is a regret she has, but in the end, she has nothing but love for the beloved singer that died way too soon.

Pink’s story is certainly making headlines today as the world still mourns Prince. The outpouring of emotions continues from those who knew him and those who were his fans. Although Pink’s recollection of her encounter with Prince may not be what fans expected, her reflection on his passing certainly was from the heart. It is hard to believe that anyone would speak to the infamous singer the way she did, but you have to give her props for being honest about it.

What do you think about not only what Pink had to say to Prince all those years ago but what she had to say today regarding the encounter and his shocking passing? Tell us your thoughts on this hot topic in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Stringer]