Kailyn Lowry Spotted With New Man: Is She Dating Someone New?

Kailyn Lowry has been mysteriously silent in regards to her marriage. On Teen Mom, Lowry just sent her husband to serve his time in Qatar, as he was called to spend time overseas. On the show, she’s convinced that they will be fine because they will be able to talk to one another, send each other videos, and stay in touch on social media. But a few months ago, rumors surfaced that Kailyn and Javi Marroquin were struggling in their marriage. The timeline for his deployment could hint that he’s back home, but Lowry hasn’t celebrated his return.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kailyn Lowry’s mind may be elsewhere. Even though she’s still legally married to Javi, the two are clearly struggling. They stopped following one another on social media, and Kailyn hasn’t expressed any interest in celebrating his return home. Instead, her marriage has been plagued with cheating rumors and Javi possibly hanging out with other women. But this week, she could be the one who is linked to someone else.

The report hints that Kailyn Lowry could be spending time with a mystery man. Rather than posting pictures of herself, her children, and her husband, Lowry is posting pictures with another man. And Radar Online quickly started guessing whether Lowry is dating now that she has supposedly given up on her marriage. Sources close to Kailyn Lowry reveal that there’s nothing going on with this mystery man who has surfaced on Instagram.

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“That is Kailyn’s friend from school,” a source has told the website, adding, “She’s not dating anyone.”

Apparently, Lowry had Snapchatted them having breakfast with friends in the MTV studio in Los Angeles. This quickly started some rumors, as Javi was not in Los Angeles for the reunion special for Teen Mom this week. But it sounds like Kailyn is respecting her marriage vows even though things are not going well.

“Kailyn’s still married,” the source said, revealing, “She has pictures with other guys too.”

It sounds like Lowry is still respecting her vows even though things may be sour between them. The rumors all surfaced when Javi posted a picture of another woman on Instagram. Apparently, this other woman is someone who works with her, but she had supposedly been Snapchatting videos of them in the same bed. Even though Javi was sleeping at the time, one can imagine that Kailyn Lowry wasn’t happy about it. These days, they are not following one another on social media, and it is possible that there has been a breach of trust.

Javi started tweeting things about his feelings changing, which fueled the divorce rumors even more. It is as if they started living separate lives, and it is possible that Marroquin came back from serving time in Qatar without a welcome-home party from Kailyn Lowry. But Javi isn’t the only person who is spreading divorce rumors. Not only is Kailyn posting pictures of another man, but she’s also sharing vague quotes about her feelings and possibly her marriage.

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“Growth can hurt but sometimes it’s the best thing that could happen,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter recently, fueling the divorce rumors.

Lowry recently traveled to Los Angeles to attend the Teen Mom reunion special, and Javi did not attend. Plus, Kailyn recently did a Teen Mom after-show where Javi called in. She wasn’t too happy about it apparently. Something is clearly going on, but neither of them has said anything about it.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry posting pictures of another man on her Instagram? Do you think she’s making a mistake by not addressing her marital issues?

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