Beyoncé Dances To ‘Pop My Trunk’ Or ‘F*** Donald Trump’ On Formation Tour? [Videos]

It might be safe to say that Beyoncé isn’t a Donald Trump fan. Or is Beyoncé a Trump fan? From the stage of Beyoncé’s “Formation” tour, loads of performances are being uploaded to social media, and one of those performances shows a snippet of Beyoncé dancing to a beat with a chorus that appears to sing “f**** Donald Trump.” However, whereas some hear “f*** Donald Trump,” others say Beyoncé is dancing to “Pop My Trunk.”

Who is walking into work today like this? ????????#Beyonce #FormationTour

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Warning: The video of Beyoncé dancing to “f*** Donald Trump” might be offensive to some viewers due to language — that is, if the viewer hears “f***” Trump instead of “Pop My Trunk.” On Facebook, enough folks think it is “f*** Donald Trump” to keep that misconception going, but others realize it is “Pop My Trunk” that’s the real background of her dance.

Beyoncé didn’t seem to use the YG & Nipsey Hussle version of [warning: potentially offensive language in video] “FDT (F*** Donald Trump)” — a World Star Hip Hop exclusive video that has garnered more than 1.7 million views since being uploaded to YouTube on April 18. However, the f*** Trump sentiment sounded the same, at least to those who thought Bey was really flipping off Trump — causing some to write that if she did so, they’d become a stan [stalker-fan] for real.

Beyoncé’s version appeared to be sped up as Beyoncé and her dancers drove the crowd wild during the song that some thought found her disparaging Trump. Instead, the [warning: more potentially offensive lyrics] “Pop My Trunk” video with Wine-O featuring Paul Wall sounds a whole lot more recognizable as the song Beyoncé danced to as her accompanying background music.

Facebook accounts like the KamChronicles recognized that Beyoncé actually danced to “Pop My Trunk” — a song from years ago — and not “F*** Donald Trump,” as some assumed.

Ayeeee!! ‪#‎Beyonce‬ puts reps the city of ‪#‎Houston‬ on ‪#‎TheFormationWorldTour‬

#Houston stand up! Pop my trunk!! ‪#‎Miami‬ @beyonce

Meanwhile, the nearly 30,000 photos and videos on Instagram that use the #FormationTour hashtag give viewers a peek into the tour itself. Videos appear of Beyoncé dancing on water, and others of the superstar twirling on her haters and mentioning the presumed good luck of albino alligators, as seen in the snippet below where Beyoncé dances to her “Formation” song.

The water element in Beyoncé’s concert seemed to be a big focal point for some. Certain videos show Beyoncé standing in the water, whilst other videos show Beyoncé dancing and splashing around in the water with her dancers. Some joked on social media that Beyoncé could walk on water and dance on water, however, the shallow depth of the water was evident.

There is even water in her performance! YAS B! ???????????? #theformationworldtour

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At one point during the concert, Beyoncé sang her famous “Crazy in Love” song while wearing a red ensemble. Beyoncé and her dancers all wore red as they strolled on a moving sidewalk, reminiscent of a runway fashion show that moved.

The Daily Show may have made fun of Trump in a video that showed Trump upset over the attention that Beyoncé is getting for her visual album titled “Lemonade,” however, on social media, Beyoncé is making her message well known about how Queen Bey feels about Trump — at least for those who think she flipped off Donald.

Beyoncé has come a long way since Beyoncé’s days with Destiny’s Child, and Beyoncé can be seen wearing angelic white in the top photo above as Beyoncé presented the record of the year award at the 58th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Beyoncé’s visual album, Lemonade, however, has been the talk of the web after it premiered on HBO. In the wake of that premiere, searches for Beyoncé’s concert tickets went up by a whopping 116 percent compared to the previous week, reports the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

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