Corey Simms Disgusted With Leah Messer: Dad Lets Loose On Teen Mom In Deleted Scene [Video]

It’s no secret that co-parenting twin girls Ali and Aleeah Grace has been incredibly tough for Leah Messer and ex-husband Corey Simms, but a deleted scene from this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 shows just how deep Corey’s animosity for Leah truly runs. Corey is completely disgusted with Leah and her behavior because of the impact it has on their daughters’ lives, and while talking to a friend, he was completely candid about his feelings towards the mother of his twin girls.

Earlier this year, Leah lost custody of the girls to Corey. Because of her inability to get Ali and Aleeah to school on time, a judge ruled that primary custody would be flipped from Leah to Corey. Per the court ruling, Messer has the girls every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which means she is only responsible for getting them to school on Mondays. The judge also ruled that Leah could see Ali and Aleeah Grace on Thursdays and bring them to gymnastics, but she would have to return them to their father afterwards.

“[The judge] tried to basically say his goal was to make sure that the kids got to school on time,” her lawyer explained of the judge’s decision.

Once the custody decision was reached, however, Messer’s lawyer immediately filed a motion to reconsider. The judge has allowed it, scheduling a court date for it, and it’s the upcoming court battle that Simms is disgusted over. While talking to his buddy about seeing his ex Leah the next day at a doctor’s appointment for Ali, their daughter who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, Simms said that the entire custody situation has been difficult and that even thinking about the reconsideration in court stresses him out.

But what really bothers Simms is the impact all of the legal battles have on his daughters. Simms regrets that he didn’t get this settled years ago before the girls were old enough to realize what was going on. Now that they are 6, he explained, they are much more aware and emotional over the strife between their parents, and certainly having custody switched back and forth between parents is unsettling for the girls.

If Leah does get custody back, Corey confessed that he doesn’t know what he will do, saying that he’s been giving it his all for two years. The very fact that the judge is allowing the reconsideration of primary custody is upsetting to Simms. And because the hearing won’t be for several months, it will be several more months of upset, stress, and uncertainty.

Corey, unequivocally, blames Leah for all of it.

“Leah’s looking at it for herself. I mean…it’s all about herself — that’s all she cares about. But the kids [are] the ones getting hurt.”

But even though Leah certainly mourns losing custody of her twin girls, when she does have them, it seems she is unable to care for them sufficiently. She’s recently come under fire for not paying attention to Ali, who was playing on a jungle gym at the park. While eating lunch with her friend, and, ironically, explaining that she was focusing on her kids rather than looking for a relationship, Ali fell out of the swing, hitting her head pretty hard. Although every parent knows that kids fall, many viewers of the show felt that Leah should have been more attentive to her disabled child while at the playground. Instead, Leah wasn’t even facing her child when Ali fell. Furthermore, she didn’t check Ali for injuries. Although she did rush over when she heard Ali crying, she merely brushed the child off.

Despite many questionable incidents, Leah still feels as though she deserves at least joint custody of the girls. And there is no doubt that she is, as any mother would be, missing her children a great deal. Corey Simms, however, obviously feels differently and believes that Leah is being selfish in dragging the case back to court.

What do you think? Is Leah doing the right thing by fighting for her children, or is Corey right in believing that her actions are selfish?

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