Cheerleader Tryout Tips Fail: University Of Washington ‘Cheer And Dance Tryout Look’ Gets Roasted

The University of Washington has learned a big lesson about how to not offer tips for trying out as a cheerleader. The University Of Washington’s cheerleader squad put out a “Cheer and Dance Tryout Look,” as seen below, that is getting universally roasted on social media on Thursday, April 28.

As reported by NBC News, the so-called University of Washington cheerleader tryout tips list of things to do to tryout at the University of Washington for the cheerleading squad — along with the things not to do — has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The University of Washington flyer received such a big backlash on social media because of the stereotypes that the tips seemed to reinforce, including confusing advice to wear “girl about town lipstick” and false eyelashes, that the University of Washington removed it from Facebook, reports the New York Daily News.

Critics are calling the poster sexist, claiming it reinforces false beliefs that cheerleading isn’t an athletic sport. The cheerleading poster from the University of Washington is also being called racist because it called for a “bronzed, beachy glow” that could be interpreted as only attributable to one race of cheerleaders.

Other tips given by the University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet, beyond sporting a bronzed, beachy glow, includes wearing false lashes.

Then there’s the cheerleading tip to wear “girl about town” lipstick and flattering eye shadow that makes one wonder what shade of lipstick they’re actually suggesting. Perhaps the cheerleader tip sheet encouraged girls to stay away from dark or green or wild lip colors.

Would-be cheerleaders were encouraged to wear their hair down and to have a natural tan or spray tan on their skin.

The cheerleader tip sheet suggesting wearing nude nail polish or none at all. Cheerleader hopefuls must be physically fit with an athletic physique. They must wear a solid black sports bra and a pair of mid-rise black shorts, along with cheer shoes at some junctures and jazz shoes at other times.

The cheerleaders must make sure their hair is curled or straight with volume and partially off their faces.

The list of things to avoid on the University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet also included having no nude lips, which is kind of funny, since nude nails were encouraged. The cheerleaders trying out were urged not to wear too much makeup, nor should they have visible tattoos.

Also, the University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet said to stay away from wearing trendy colors.

Cheerleader wannabes should stay away from the smoky dark eyeshadow look as well as harsh lines and the contouring craze that Kim Kardashian made famous. Harsh colors should also be avoided for cheerleaders as well as avoiding jewelry and distracting fingernail polish.

The cheerleaders trying out were encouraged to not wear a pair of high-waisted shorts or a shirt that covers their midriff. After all, those toned abs are apparently a must for cheerleaders.

No slick-backed hair or hair hidden in a ponytail was desired along with no trendy hair colors like the pink and purple or half-and-half hair color craze. In fact, nothing other than solid black colors was encouraged for the cheerleaders trying out.

Don’t cover that midriff! That’s what the University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet practically screams as it encourages no high-waisted shorts. The University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet also says to stay away from running shoes, which is odd because the woman in the University of Washington cheerleader tip tryout sheet photo appears to be wearing running shoes.

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