Troian Bellisario Rewarded Random Dude With Coachella Passes

When someone loses their handbag, it’s rare that a good Samaritan would take their time to return the item to the rightful owner. In this particular scenario, actress Troian Bellisario lost her handbag, but the missing items made it to Coachella without her when a random dude found the bag and used her social media to get in contact with her.

The Pretty Little Liars star’s handbag was left at Los Angeles’ Griffin Park, according to CNN on April 27. Bellisario explained on Instagram that she took a hike at the park and wasn’t paying attention when she left her bag behind. A man named Jack Wagner found the bag and he tried to find ways to get in contact with Bellisario to return her items.

Wagner first used her phone to text people on her contact list to see if they knew of her whereabouts, but nobody responded to the messages. Wagner decided to go on Bellisario’s Instagram, hoping that someone could reach her and inform the actress of what was happening.

Wagner took a photo of Troian Bellisario’s open bag and posted a message, “Hey i found your phone/bag outside griffith. I texted some contacts in ur phone with my number but nobody’s responding. I gotta head out in 30 mins please hit me up. Lol you have a lot of followers”

While waiting for a response from Bellisario, Wagner used the time to talk about one of his favorite bands to Bellasario’s 7.1 million Instagram followers. He posted a picture of the heavy metal band Disturbed and added the following caption, “why isnt DISTURBED playing at coachella? My uncle tony told me they were headlining and i believed him until now. Apparently he lied to me! Every band at coachella is a joke compared to disturbed. Im extremely upset about this #coachella2016 guys never trust ur uncles especially if their name is tony”

When Bellisario finally realized what was happening, she borrowed the phone of her friend, director Tommy Bertelsen, to change her passwords, apologize to her followers, and contact Wagner to try to get her phone back.

Troian Bellisario quickly posted a message to her fans to explain the situation “Guys. I am so so sorry. I just got a hold of the person who has my phone. (My new phone because apparently my old one was hacked) and I am rushing to get it. Thank you for all the concern and alerts. This will teach me not to unpack my car before a hike when I’m daydreaming like an idiot. Also thank you @docdanger for loaning me your phone. I changed all my Pw but I apologize for the previous posts and if they weirded anyone out. Xx.”

While anyone in Troian Bellisario’s situation would have panicked about a stranger handling their personal possessions, the actress remained calm as she texted back and forth to Wagner. When he informed her that he was on his way to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Bellisario texted to him that as long as he kept her phone safe, he could use her Coachella access wristbands, and he had to take pictures of the event.

When Wagner informed Bellisario that he was using her Snapchat, the actress apologized to her fans again while she was still in the process of getting all her passwords changed. Bellisario did call Wagner weird, but found him hilarious either way.

Wagner did offer to delete all the messages he posted on her social media accounts, but Troian Bellisario was cool about the entire thing. She told him to have a blast while she used the caption “Pay it forward” on her uploaded screencap image.

Jack Wagner made sure to take a picture from the stage while the band Skrillex played. He misspelled Bellisario’s name in the caption “Thank u Trojan wish u were here!!” while all the actress could do is hang out at home and look at the pictures being uploaded on her Snapchat.

Eventually, Wagner left the festival, but only to hang out at the house that Skrillex was in after German concertgoers invited him. He then texted Troian Bellisario to meet up with her so he can return her missing items.

Finally, Troian Bellisario and Jack Wagner met in person, and Wagner gave the actress all her items back. Bellisario decided to reward Wagner one more time by inviting him to stay at her Game of Thrones premiere party.

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]