Christina Aguilera Still Feuding With Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’? Adam Levine Is ‘Worried’ About Her Team

Christina Aguilera may be the only female coach currently starring on NBC’s The Voice, but apparently, she’s still feuding with her alleged nemesis, Gwen Stefani.

While Stefani was not featured as a coach during The Voice Season 10, she was seen as an advisor, and according to a new report, her brief stint on Season 10 hasn’t sat well with Christina Aguilera, who is said to be jealous of all the attention Stefani and Blake Shelton are getting due to their romance.

On April 26, Health Aim claimed Christina Aguilera was vacating her role as coach due to Stefani and Shelton’s highly publicized relationship. Although Christina Aguilera will continue filming Season 10 for the next several weeks, her current role as coach may be her last as Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys come aboard The Voice as coaches for Season 11.

As the report revealed, Christina Aguilera was rumored to have been fired or quit The Voice weeks ago after Stefani, who was expected to be left out of Season 10, returned in an advisor role. According to the report, Christina Aguilera was furious when Stefani returned to the show and claimed she was only asked back due to her romance with Shelton — not for her talent.

As Season 10 continues, Christina Aguilera appears to be getting closer and closer to her first win.

“I’m worried, and I’m not because A. I would love for a female to win,” Christina Aguilera’s longtime co-star, Adam Levine, explained to E! News on April 26. “B. I would love for that female to win because she’s here from the beginning. This girl deserves it. She’s definitely got the best team. I can’t lie about that.”

“Don’t jinx me, Adam! I know what they’re doing,” Christina Aguilera joked in response. “I know what they’re trying to do, setting me up for a fall!”

After the top 12 singers of The Voice Season 10 were chosen, the contestants spoke to E! News about why Christina Aguilera should be this season’s winner.

“[Christina Aguilera]’s been on the show since the beginning. She’s Christina, which gives her that, and I just think it’s her turn and we’re all capable,” said Alison Porter.

Meanwhile, Bryan Bautista said it’s Christina Aguilera’s knowledge about the world of music that helps him and his fellow contestants the very most.

“[Christina Aguilera]’s intelligent, she’s great, but if she doesn’t know how to tell you what to do, she’ll ultimately show you how to do it because she’s that great of a singer,” he explained. “I feel like that’s incredible. When you have a coach like that, I just feel like that’s winner material. That’s how you win a competition, when you’re able to take what you know and pass it on to your students. We’re all students in the game.”

For the past few seasons, as she alternated coaching roles with Stefani, Christina Aguilera remained silent in regard to a possible feud between them, but ever since Stefani was brought to the series, rumors swirled. Then, after Stefani and Shelton went public with their romance during The Voice Season 9, rumors of their feud were rebooted.

In addition to Christina Aguilera’s alleged feud with Stefani, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus are also said to be at war. According to Us Weekly, the two butted heads during Season 10 because they are simply too much alike.

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[Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize]