Former Navy SEAL: ‘Obama Can’t Take Credit For Bin Laden’s Death’

A former Navy SEAL isn’t willing to give President Barack Obama any credit for the death of Osama bin Laden, just in time for election season.

In a documentary released Wednesday, a group of former special operations and intelligence members criticize President Obama for taking too much credit in the raid that resulted in the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden. “Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did,” says former Navy SEAL Ben Smith in the online documentary, Dishonorable Disclosures. “The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not.”

The group, which calls itself the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, also calls the president out on numerous reported security leaks under his administration – leaks that continue to put the lives of overseas military members in jeopardy, reports NY Daily. Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL and the group’s president, says that the documentary is strictly about those leaks, and doesn’t have a political message.

“This issue is more than just politics,” he told the New York Times. “Folks from this group, including me, have buried enough of our buddies.”

Now when President Obama announced the death of bin Laden, he did make sure to thank the “tireless and heroic work of our military and our counterterrorism professionals.” That quote didn’t exactly make the cut.

Still, attempts on the Left to tie the documentary to GOP presumptive Mitt Romney and his election campaign are somewhat unfounded. “The Republicans are resorting to Swift Boat tactics because when it comes to foreign policy and national security, Mitt Romney has offered nothing but reckless rhetoric,” said an Obama campaign spokesman in a statement responding to OPSEC’s documentary.

While I agree that the timing is suspect (with election season right around the corner), I doubt any money has passed under the table between RomneyCamp and OPSEC. While the documentary (posted below) may bring up some valid points, the idea that President Obama can’t take credit (as Commander In Chief) for the bin Laden raid and that the victory belongs to America is just too much of a semantic leap for this writer.

Still, I’m not about to openly challenge a former Navy SEAL. Here’s Dishonorable Disclosures for your viewing pleasure!