New ‘Deus Ex’ 2016 Trailer Video: 101 ‘Mankind Divided’ Gameplay Augmentations Raises Release Date Excitement

The new 2016 Deus Ex 101 trailer is more of an introduction to the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided game than it is a trailer. The mini-movie is six minutes long, which is extremely lengthy for a video that is deemed to be a trailer.

Another thing that sets it apart from the typical teaser/trailer is that the entire six minutes is one continuous narrative in the voice of Adam Jensen (Elias Toufexis). Adam explains in some detail the events that occur after the previous game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and leading up to the beginning of the sequel and contains exciting gameplay footage.

According to Gamespot, producer Square/Enix states, “Armed with a new arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons and augmentations, he must choose the right approach, along with who to trust, in order to unravel a vast worldwide conspiracy.”

The new Deus Ex trailer plays out with Adam vaguely introducing some of the new augmentations (abilities) that will be in the game. This mini-movie has him explaining how he has more augmentations than he, or anyone, initially thought.

“More than your body can handle,” says an unnamed character, who appears to be an L.I.M.B. clinic doctor.

More augmentations are not unexpected. It is fairly typical for game developers to introduce new abilities and gameplay dynamics into game sequels to keep them fresh. A few new additions can be spotted in the trailer.

Deus Ex new Titan Shield armor [Images via Square/Enix and Gregory F. Maxwell | Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | GFDL 1.2]At one point in the Deus Ex trailer, Adam seems to slow down time after an enemy throws a grenade so that he can easily target it and shoot it out of the air. In another scene, he appears to have an organic metal armor that he can activate called the Titan Shield. The shield looks and acts similar to a ferrofluid, which makes for a great effect, but also causes one to wonder if that is precisely what the armor is.

“[I use] my Titan Shield to negate their counterfire as I roll through like a reinforced tank,” as Jensen describes it.

The Deus Ex 2016 trailer also shows glimpses of old augmentations with new and improved functionality. The MHD-995 Hacking Device seems to have a new look, and the Smart Vision from the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis that allows Adam to see enemies through walls seems improved. The Typhoon augmentation looks revamped as well. Previously, the Typhoon turned Jensen into a human grenade. Now it appears that he can direct the explosion in a precise direction. It is likely that most or all of his previous systems have received upgrades.

Jensen states, “My ability to infiltrate, fight, and circumvent, has now grown exponentially.”

Customizable Deus Ex rifle [Image via Square/Enix]In addition to new and improved capabilities, the trailer shows off classic Deus Ex weaponry that appears to be customizable on-the-fly within the game. One scene shows attachments appearing on his rifle while he is holding it on the battlefield. Also, his nano blades can now be fired out of his arms and will explode after a short delay. Visions of an enemy wondering why a comrade has been impaled and stuck to a wall, right before being blown up himself, come to mind.

The Deus Ex video shows a new addition to nonlethal weaponry called the Tesla. The Tesla fires multiple electrified projectiles that can take out several targets at once. The P.E.P.S. gun also seems to be more powerful as well. Previously, P.E.P.S. worked similar to a taser. In Mankind Divided, it will have a powerful concussive blast that knocks enemies back.

Deus Ex Tesla weapon [Image via Square/Enix]Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is looking like it is shaping up to be the next big hit in 2016 for producer Square/Enix and the development team at Eidos Montreal. The release of this extra-long, trailer was a good move by the makers. It teases the upcoming features without totally giving them away. It shows a little bit of one of the new locations (Prague). Most importantly, it does all this in an entertaining way that makes it feel more like a mini-movie than a trailer.

Gamespot reports that there will be several editions of the game released. There will be a Day One Edition for pre-orders of the boxed game, a Collector’s Edition of the boxed game, and Digital Standard and Deluxe Editions for purchases within the PlayStation and Xbox Stores.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is scheduled for release on August 23, 2016. It is a safe bet that this new trailer just pushed pre-orders through the roof.

[Image via Square/Enix]