Bomb Threat On Moscow Bound Flight Forces Emergency Landing In Iceland

Passengers flying from New York to Moscow made an unexpected stop in Iceland today due to a bomb threat aboard the plane.

The BBC reports that a Russian Aeroflot flight made an emergency landing in Iceland after officials were alerted about a possible bomb on the plane. An anonymous caller told the NYPD that there were explosives in several pieces of luggage that were taken aboard the plane. The anonymous caller claimed that the bombs were rigged to explode once the plane arrived in Moscow.

After the bomb threat the pilot decided to land the plane in Moscow.

Irina Dannenberg, spokeswoman for Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, said:

“The captain decided to make an emergency landing in Reykjavik. At the moment the passengers have been taken off the airplane.”

The company said that all 256 passengers were taken off the plane as officials searched through luggage for the bomb. Officials did not find any sign of explosives.

Vidir Reyinsson, chief inspector and head of the Emergency Management department of the Icelandic Police, said:

“Everybody is safe and seems rather calm under the circumstances, no one seems very shocked.”

UPI reports that another Aeroflot plane will complete the flight to Moscow later today.