Murder In Outer Banks: Nathan Summerfield, Accused Outer Banks Murderer, Arrested In Ohio

Authorities in Ohio say a man suspected of killing his girlfriend during a Fourth of July vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks has been captured and taken into police custody.

Nathan Summerfield, 27, was arrested by FBI agents Wednesday at a motel in Ohio on charges of killing his on-again, off-again girlfriend Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, during a vacation to the Nags Head area, according to ABC News.

The U.S. Marshals Service said agents surprised Summerfield at the motel, where he had checked in a day before, and took him into custody without any resistance.

“It’s a very serious crime. He knows he’s been wanted. So there’s all kinds of inherent risk in an operation like that. But fortunately, nobody was hurt and he was taken into custody with uh no incident,” Wadsworth Police Chief Randy Reinke told KSDK.

Prior to his arrest, Summerfield had been on the run since July 8, when he returned to Ashland, Ohio, from the Outer Banks, where he’d taken a beach vacation with Jackenheimer and her two children. He got back home with the children and without Jackenheimer.

Jackenheimer’s body was later found on Hatteras Island, about 25 miles south of the Salvo beach house where they’d stayed. An autopsy determined she’d been strangled and stabbed.

Authorities began looking for Summerfield after his brother told an emergency dispatcher in Ohio that Nate confessed to killing Jackenheimer in North Carolina.

U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott said Wednesday that Summerfield will be extradited to face charges in North Carolina.

“I’m glad he’s caught,” Lynn Jackenheimer’s father, Raymond Johnson, said. “It’s his turn to pay for what he has done.”

WEWSTV has more on the Outer Banks Murder and Nate Summerfield’s arrest in the video below: