‘Trove’ Updates With Its First Expansion ‘Mantle Of Power,’ Log In Daily For Free Gifts

After a week in early access for players that chose to pre-order it, the first Trove expansion is now available for free to all players. Mantle of Power brings new worlds to the voxel MMO in addition to more class levels; the new Gem System; and Stellar gear, the tier after Radiant. Players can log in now to start leveling up or collecting gems, and starting on April 28, players can log in for special daily gifts.

Mantle of Power raises the level cap of all classes to 30 up from 20. The new levels include the Gem System while further improving class power. Both new features offer players a way to increase their Power Rank, and high a Power Rank is required for some of the new worlds in the expansion. Most notably, new Uber Worlds are now available past Uber Six. Uber Worlds now stop at Uber Nine giving those with a higher Power Rank even harder worlds to explore.


New Adventure Worlds are also ready to be conquered in the first expansion for Trove. Elemental Adventure Worlds are the perfect place to pick up gems, and each of the four Elemental Adventure Worlds drops their specific type of gem. For instance, players will find Water Gems in the Drowned World zones. Gems can improve characters' statistics greatly with some Empowered Gems even giving characters new abilities according to the official site.

"The Shadow Hunter's "Shadow Blitz" Empowered Gem amplifies basic attacks into a stream of arrows—a channeled attack that costs energy, and also causes any shadowmarked enemy hit to damage nearby enemies."
Although a gem like "Shadow Blitz" is only usable by a Shadow Hunter, Universal Empowered Gems can improve any class with their benefits. For instance, the "Pyrodisc" gem makes the character emit fiery damage whenever an enemy is slain. Many Gem changes have occurred since the early access period for Mantle of Power. Be sure to check out the most recent patch notes for details on changes to the Jade Clover, the Luckbug, and other features of the new system.

Are you ready for the Mantle of Power? [Image via Trion Worlds]To celebrate the release of Mantle of Power, Trion Worlds is giving players five days' worth of free gifts. Starting tomorrow, players can simply log in to find a few bonuses in their inventory. First, players will receive 10 Gem Booster Boxes and then on Friday they will receive 100 Dragon Coins. Each day another gift will be released until the final gift is given on Monday, May 2. The other free items include one Empowered Gem Box, a Starry Shmeep Mount, and finally a Ninth Life Gem Level Up Booster.

The Mantle of Power expansion for Trove also introduces the new Stellar tier of gear. Players will need to break down Radiant gear for the components to upgrade their chosen Radiant gear to Stellar. Items upgraded to Stellar cannot be traded, but if a Stellar piece happens to drop in the game, it can be traded. Stellar hats will even let players show off new visual effects around their blocky heads. The original Mantle of Power patch notes have more details on the new tier of gear for those interested in acquiring it.

"Radiant was shiny, but Stellar is out of this world! You can upgrade from Radiant to Stellar gear at a forge using Forged Radiant Souls (obtained from Loot Collecting Radiant Gear) and Shaper's Stars, earned from the Shores of the Everdark when using Shaper's Star Keys. Shaper's Star Keys can be purchased for 5 Titan Souls."
The Chloromancer in Trove [Image via Trion Worlds]As The Inquisitr reported, classes in Trove can no longer be purchased with Cubits, the in-game currency earned from playing the game. Players must buy classes with real money or settle for the handful that they unlock for free as they progress. A few still can be earned from specific activities; however, the ability to obtain all classes without spending real money is no longer a reality. Completely free players will need to look elsewhere to improve their Mastery and, in turn, their Power Rank in Trove.

[Image via Trion Worlds]