Rare Deleted Scene From Original ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Puts A New Twist On Everything

Looking back through the history of the horror movie genre, the original A Nightmare on Elm Street is one that can be classified as truly iconic. Freddy Krueger is a name that is synonymous with fear, and the ultimate heroine is Nancy who was played perfectly by Heather Langenkamp. Well, as amazing as the original story was, a rare deleted scene has now been revealed that adds a new twist and totally changes everything.

There have been numerous sequels in the franchise over the years, and there has been a remake, and another remake is coming in the future. Well, it all comes back to the original and the horrifying fear that it brought to anyone that watched it and made them terrified to go to sleep.

Throughout the years, the original film has been released on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray and as part of a special box set and then a collector’s edition many other times. The recent Blu-ray franchise collection of A Nightmare on Elm Street did not have all of the special features, including a very unique and rare deleted scene.

a nightmare on elm street deleted scene nancy freddy krueger sister change

Bloody-Disgusting brought attention to one particular deleted scene that was on a Laserdisc release of A Nightmare on Elm Street collector’s edition which hit stores in 1996. This deleted scene has not made it onto different DVD and Blu-ray releases in the past years, but it is out there for others to see on the Laserdisc and VHS copies.

This particular scene is a serious one that absolutely changes things in the storyline of the original film and makes it much more personal.

In the scene, Nancy is having a discussion with her mother Marge and that is when a serious part of her mother’s past is revealed. Marge states how she and other parents on Elm Street murdered Freddy Krueger because the police weren’t doing enough.

a nightmare on elm street deleted scene nancy freddy krueger sister change marge

It’s a very short scene, and it concludes with Marge showing Nancy that she still has Freddy’s murder weapon, his glove, but after that, it quickly ends for all that have seen the movie. The deleted portion is what makes things so much better.

In the deleted scene, Marge reveals to Nancy that she actually had a young sibling that she never even knew about. Not just that, but the reason the other parents set out to kill Freddy is that he had done the same to the siblings of Tina, Glen, and Rod as well.

As Nancy stares at her mother, Marge simply tells her, “You weren’t always an only child.”

This scene which ended up being left on the floor of the cutting room would have added so much to the movie. It also would have given viewers a way to become more emotionally attached to the parents that killed Freddy Krueger and given more of an understanding as to why they did what they did.

It also lends a lot more to Nancy’s intense want and desire to not just survive, but to get back at Freddy for killing her sibling.

It’s rather hard to believe that Wes Craven and others allowed this incredibly important piece of film to end up cut. While the storyline for A Nightmare on Elm Street still worked very well and led to a successful franchise, this one extra 90-second scene could have added an emotional element that would have made it even better.

A Nightmare on Elm Street will go down as one of the most innovative and frightening horror movies of all time, and there is no doubt about that. The story of Freddy Krueger and his torment of Nancy is what, pardon the expression, true nightmares are made of. This deleted scene which reveals that Nancy had a sister is something that brings the story to a different level and really hits home.

[Image via Dimension Films/New Line]