This Week's Free Update For 'The Division' Fixes Several Bugs, Ubisoft Reveals Full Patch Notes

In an effort to continue to rid the game of known issues, developer Massive Entertainment will be pushing several fixes to some of the most well-known bugs found in Tom Clancy's The Division during tomorrow's scheduled server maintenance. To give the developer time to implement the changes, The Division will be taken offline early Thursday morning. The maintenance period is expected to last approximately three hours.

Massive Entertainment has undergone server maintenance on The Division every week since the game released at the beginning of March. Since the primary function of the downtime is to perform routine work on the game's online servers, players aren't necessarily guaranteed to receive a game patch during the weekly downtime. However, as Ubisoft announced on their official forums, tomorrow's maintenance will be accompanied with a small update that should rid the game of several bugs.

Following the recent discovery that the Protection From Elites statistic wasn't behaving properly on the live server, Massive worked fast to include a fix for the issue as part of this week's patch. Equipment that included this attribute was intended to give users more damage resistance when fighting the tougher elite enemies of Tom Clancy's The Division.

The Division firefight
The Division's Challenging mode pits players against elite enemies [Image via Ubisoft]However, after testing out the gear inside the game, members from the community found out that the bonus that was supposed be gained from the Protection From Elites item affix simply wasn't working. To make matters worse, the statistic was actually causing the opposite of its intended effect by causing players to take more damage from elite mobs in The Division. Thankfully, Massive Entertainment seems to have been able to quickly resolve the problem once the issue had been brought to their attention since a fix has been confirmed to be included with tomorrow's update.

Wanting to make sure that other items in The Division are also working as intended, the upcoming patch will finally fix gear that carried the Rehabilitated bonus. This particular talent is supposed to provide fans with a limited health regeneration buff whenever they were affected by a status effect such as being set on fire. Unfortunately, the Rehabilitated bonus could be turned on indefinitely by using a tear gas grenade, giving users a permanent health boost. After Thursday's maintenance, however, the talent should correctly fall off after a short time.

The Division agents
Massive is dedicated to improving The Division over time [Image via Ubisoft]Fixing a couple of additional exploits, the patch will also address an issue where players could pass through walls after climbing a ladder while using the jumping jack emote. Users will also no longer be able to shoot at enemies inside The Division's new Falcon Lost Incursion mode if they are outside of the map.

For those wondering why the server maintenance for Tom Clancy's The Division is taking place on Thursday instead of Tuesday, Massive Entertainment has decided to make a change to the schedule. As the Inquisitr recently reported, the developer has permanently moved The Division's maintenance to Thursdays moving forward. This won't affect anything else in the game. Even weekly challenges will continue to reset on Tuesdays.

Although The Division is quite popular among PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players, its bugs are rather notorious. Shortly after the game released, a number of players were not able to play at all due to a crafted backpack bug that caused their characters to become stuck in an infinite load screen. Eventually, Massive Entertainment rectified this issue for players with a patch. The developer is clearly working hard to rid the MMO shooter of its issues while providing new content like Incursions and Weekly Assignments to the game.

Are you happy with the team's dedication to fixing bugs and providing patches for Tom Clancy's The Division?

[Image via Ubisoft]