Watch Bernie Sanders Huge Rally In Oregon Stream Live: Refusing To Quit, Sanders Takes ‘Future To Believe In’ Out West

Bernie Sanders, refusing to back down after losses in four of five primary states on Tuesday, takes his “Future To Believe In” rally to Oregon on Thursday, a rally that will stream live as Sanders moves into friendlier territory, a state that should fall comfortably into the win column when Oregon holds its primary on May 17.

Scroll down this page for a live stream of the Bernie Sanders rally from Oregon on Thursday.

Even after his losses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware on Tuesday — along with a lone victory in Rhode Island — left Bernie Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton by 293 pledged delegates and more than 3.15 million votes, Sanders told crowds at rallies in Indiana on Wednesday that he remains, “in this campaign to win and become the Democratic nominee.”

“Unusual things can happen in politics,” he told his supporters, after acknowledging that he is far behind Clinton in the race.

But with 1,016 pledged delegates still on the table to be divided between Sanders and Clinton based on the results of upcoming primaries, Bernie Sanders needs to somehow win about 65 percent of them to overtake Clinton and, as he says, “become the Democratic nominee.” So far, Sanders has won only about 45 percent of the available pledged delegates.

Bernie Sanders Huge Rally In Oregon Stream Live supporters

That total includes delegates Sanders won in caucus states. Sanders performs especially well in caucuses, winning 11 as opposed to just five victories in primary elections. But of the remaining 14 contests in the Democratic campaign, only three are caucuses.

Oregon itself is a symbol of hope for Bernie Sanders and his supporters. It was at a rally in Portland, Oregon, on March 25 that a small bird appeared and landed on the podium where Sanders was speaking — causing an online sensation.

Watch the now-famous Bernie Sanders “bird” incident in the video below.

A live stream of Thursday’s Bernie Sanders rally in Oregon can be viewed by clicking in the following. With doors opening at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, 1 p.m. Eastern, at Island Park in Springfield, Oregon, on April 28, Sanders is expected to take the podium sometime shortly after noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern.

Even though Sanders has vowed to continue his campaign, fighting heavy odds against him, his campaign has started to issue signals that it may be winding down the intensity of its efforts.

On Wednesday, the Sanders campaign confirmed that it would put “hundreds” of campaign staffers out of work, instituting widespread layoffs as the campaign shifts focus to winning out west, especially in California.

“We no longer require many of the loyal and dedicated state and national support staffers who helped us in places like New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and other states where the nominating contests have been completed,” a statement issued by the Sanders campaign said on Wednesday.

Sanders himself said in an interview that winning California, which holds its primary with 475 pledged delegates available on June 7, is now his top priority.

“Symbolically and in terms of delegates, if we can win the largest state in this country, that will send a real message to the American people and to the delegates that this is a campaign that is moving in the direction it should.”

Polls in California already show a competitive race there between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with the most recent poll there, released by Fox News on April 22, showing Clinton ahead by only two percentage points — a statistical tie in the state.


The polling average compiled by the election forecasting site FiveThirtyEight puts Clinton in the lead by 9.4 points over Bernie Sanders in California. In Oregon, no polls have been conducted in the Democratic race so far, but the state’s demographics appear to indicate that Sanders should be heavily favored there.

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