June 29, 2017
Channing Tatum Turns Heartbreaking Story Into His Next Film Project

Channing Tatum has found his next film project. The star, who's known for lighter fare like 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, is delving into drama as he plans to bring to life a tragic story based on true events.

According to Us Weekly, Tatum has optioned the 2011 book Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love. The book is a memoir by single father Matt Logelin, about raising his daughter Madeline on his own. On March, 24, 2008, Logelin posted a heartwarming message that his daughter had finally arrived. Sadly, just three days later, his wife Liz had died.

Logelin posted what had happened on his blog, telling everyone of the sudden tragedy that would leave him to raise Madeline on his own. Liz had suffered a pulmonary embolism while walking to the NICU to see her daughter. Of the tragic event, Matt wrote, "Doctors and nurses rushed to help her. But nothing could be done to bring her back. No one to blame. S**tty luck and a pulmonary embolism are what led us to the saddest, most horrific moment of my life."

Eventually, Logelin went on to blog on a daily basis about the grieving process. Some blog posts were lengthy while others weren't. Logelin spoke to CNN recently to promote his second book, a picture book called Be Glad Your Dad...

As part of CNN's Father's Day profile piece, he shared what his daughter Maddy has taught him. He said that his daughter "taught me to let go of a lot of things and get lost in that moment." He continued, "I'm lucky; I hate that Liz is gone, but I feel lucky that I'm here with Maddy because she's a wonderful little kid."

He also recounted the initial loss and how he felt when his life changed suddenly in 2008. "I lost my partner and my best friend, but I also lost a mother, a female influence that was going to be the guiding force in Madeleine's life.

"I thought 'How am I going to take her to the store one day and buy a training bra? I don't even know what the f**k a training bra is.'"

That said, Matt gained a new perspective.

"I was worried about the lack of a female influence in her life. I worried so much about screwing her up, but I'm not her sole influence. She's got a lot of people in her world that help shape her. Knowing that would've taken so much pressure off of me."

In an earlier blog post, the grief is palpable as Matt writes, "I have to see her black, elastic pony-tail holders on every door knob in the house. I don't know why she chose to put them there, but there they remain."

Although it's still in early development, it's said that Channing Tatum will executive produce and possibly star in the adaptation of the memoir. Logelin spoke to Us Weekly about the development of the film.

"I'd of course be beyond flattered if the movie ever gets made and if he'd even consider taking on the role of me. We haven't met yet, but if this moves forward, I'm hoping that we'll be hanging out a lot, and if we do, I'm sure we'll become fast friends."

Fortunately, aside from being a successful single father, Logelin has found love again. The Yellow Pages project manager is in a long-term relationship with Bob's Burgers writer Lizzie Molyneux.

[Photo by Matt Logelin/Twitter]