Charles Manson Under Suspicion For Another Murder?

Charles Manson is still the name that rings fear into the hearts of millions of Americans and people around the world. After his reign of terror in the late summer of 1969, his heinous crimes have gone down in history as one of the most gruesome and grisly events that have ever taken place.

But now, another possible victim of Charles Manson that was found in November of 1969 and listed as a Jane Doe, has been positively identified as Reet Jurvetson, according to People.

Jurvetson was actually from Montreal and had traveled to Los Angeles to meet up with an acquaintance of hers. Her sister recalls that it was a “John” or a “Jean,” but could not positively remember the name of whom she was traveling to see.

Just a quick recap of the crimes that Charles Manson was convicted of back in 1969. First of all, the big shocker came right up front when Manson sent a group of “hippie” operatives to the home of Roman Polanksi and his wife Sharon Tate. Polanski was an accomplished director at the time, already having the likes of Rosemary’s Baby under his belt and working on another film while the Charles Manson murders took place in his home.

Tate’s murder was considered one of the most gruesome of them all, not just because she was a movie star, but because she was pregnant and the baby was only two weeks away from being born before Charles Manson’s family killed her.

Charles Manson had ordered his people, which included three women and a man, to kill those in the house and leave messages on the walls in their blood for the police.

Soon after that, Charles Manson ordered the killings of the LaBianca family, which was the only incident that Leslie Van Houten had been involved in and was subsequently sentenced to prison for. But there was a series of trial mishaps that got the first one overturned, only later to be tried over again and convicted once more. Van Houten recently won a major parole victory and has been recommended for release after four decades in prison.

Charles Manson still casts a long shadow but has it got in the way of justice for one women?

— The Malcontent (@MalcontentSays) April 18, 2016

Now that there have been developments in the Jane Doe case, with the positive identification of Reet Jurvetson, police are looking into whether or not Charles Manson had anything to do with that as well.

Jurvetson’s sister Anne said that she had left for Los Angeles for the man of her dreams in 1969, which she described as a French man she met in a coffee shop. She said that her family received a postcard from Reet saying that she was fine and that she was happy where she was. She had no idea that she had been killed over 46 years ago and possibly by the monster himself, Charles Manson.

“As months and then years passed, we imagined that she was making a new life for herself,” Anne told People. “As time passed, however, we received no more news. We were always hoping that she would re-establish contact with friends and family. But no one ever had any new information. However, not once did we suspect she had been killed.”

When Jurvetson’s body had been found back in 1969, it was originally suspected that Charles Manson and his family had killed her because she had been stabbed over 150 times. That seemed to fall in line with the method of operation for the Manson family, but they could never find any tangible evidence or witnesses to charge them with the crime.

It is unclear at this time if Jurvetson’s murder has been reopened to charge Charles Manson with the murder, and authorities have said that talking to Manson himself got them nowhere in the case. But they did say that the motive did not appear to be a robbery, but rather a rage style killing.

[Photo by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via Getty Images]