Work From Home Jobs: How To Make Money Online Doing What You Already Like

“The economy has changed greatly since the invention of the internet, and many are now turning to online options to generate side income or even make a full-time living by working from home. This option is perfect for busy stay-at-home parents who need to make money while tending to their children, but making money online isn’t just limited to new mothers and fathers. Almost anyone can make money online, and the “how” isn’t anything difficult, either.

You can use skills you already have to get online jobs, as well as freelancing. Many jobs are also entry-level and simply require the ability to, for instance, use a camera or type a certain amount of words per minute. So, without further ado, here are just some of the ways to make money from home.

Etsy: Make Money Creating

Etsy is a great site for anyone who likes to or wants to start making crafts and other similar products. The easy-to-use marketplace has a bunch of different categories, ranging from jewelry and wedding attire to craft supplies and tools. You may not make a full-time income using the site, but having side income for something you like to do anyway is always a plus, and who can beat the low-stress atmosphere of working only when you want to? If you want to get started, they have a Seller Handbook that will help you with marketing your virtual store and give you tips for taking good photos of your for-sale items.

A picture of several pairs of earrings that an Etsy user is adding to their shop. [Image VIa Lauren Manning,, CC-BY 2.0]

Blogging: Words That Pay

Starting a blog may sound like you’re just adding to the hundreds if not thousands of blogs already up-and-running, but this option actually can make you a full-time income. If your site is enough to stand out, you can get small returns from banner advertising. You can also choose to participate in Affiliate Marketing, which involves promoting a product you truly believe in and linking to a company’s site in exchange for a fee paid to you. These options, of course, are dependent on whether you draw a large crowd to your site, but typically quality content that is highly visible won’t have a problem.

Blogging is one of several ways to make money online while working from home with a flexible schedule. [Image Via]

Paid Surveys: A Penny (Or More) For Your Thoughts

Paid surveys are also not the path to the easy life, but they can make you decent money online if you know where to look. Life Hacker suggests sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars that will pay you to search online using each sites’ respective search engine extension. You can also earn money on these and other similar sites by completing surveys and other tasks such as downloading apps on your mobile. As with anything, the surveys that reward you better are more in-depth and sometimes involve things like signing up for a quote on auto insurance. Still, surveys are a fairly easy way to snag free gift cards from places such as iTunes and Amazon, so not a bad gig.

The download page for the toolbar. Users can add the Swagbucks extension to their browser to increase the amount of money they earn with each online search. [Image Via]

Photography: A Picture’s Worth More Than Just A Thousand Words

Selling pictures can be a great way to make money online. If you’re gifted with a camera and love to photograph everything, this option could be for you. PennyHoarder gave the example of one photographer who was able to quit her full-time job after three years of photography sales, and it also provided some resources for amateur photographers to get started.

“Microstock sites [those that pay small royalties for stock photos], such as or, make it easy for hobbyist and amateurs with a passion for photography to get started selling their photos online.”

There’s also the option of selling photos to magazines and journalism websites, though this might require real-world meetings with photo acquisition editors and the like. Still, if you’re not against some commuting, photography could be very lucrative if you make deals with big players in the industry.

Make Money Transcribing Online: Can You Spell “C-A-S-H?”

Online transcription jobs are fairly easy to come across, which can be both good and bad when trying to navigate the waters and find a legitimate source of them. Luckily for new transcriptionists and transcription enthusiasts, FlexJobs has a list of 100 transcription jobs that offer a flexible schedule, with some being associated with big companies like Xerox.

Often, you need only type a given amount of words per minute (WPM) or greater to qualify, though some companies will want you to download their transcription software as well. Additionally, more specialized positions like medical or legal transcription require knowing the lingo of the given industry.

[Image Via Steve Wilson,, CC-BY 2.0]