Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Getting Married In Michigan [Report]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have yet to confirm their romance, but despite that, the rumored couple has been faced with ongoing reports of an engagement, a potential wedding, and even a pregnancy.

While Katie Holmes and Foxx remain secretive about their relationship, if they are in one, reports continue to surface claiming the two will soon be man and wife and that they may also attempt to gain custody of Holmes' 10-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.

On April 25, a report by Movie News Guide spoke of Katie Holmes' allegedly upcoming wedding, claiming she and Foxx would soon tie the knot in Michigan. The report also claimed Katie Holmes and her potential partner have been silent about their romance due to Holmes' ex-husband, Tom Cruise, who is an avid follower of the Church of Scientology.

According to the report, Katie Holmes' life as a mother is currently very settled and structured, and she fears that if Cruise knew of Foxx's role in the lives of her and Suri, he may be disruptive to their schedule and their current custody agreement. However, that may not be the case.

As a separate report, via Hollywood Life, explained, Cruise's religion may restrict him from having any contact with Katie Holmes and Suri due to the fact that they are not Scientologists and as a Scientologist himself, Cruise is required to focus only on becoming stronger in his beliefs. Shockingly, the site noted Cruise hadn't seen his daughter in over 900 days.

"He is a die-hard Scientologist and part of the reason he is rarely seen with his daughter Suri may be because of his close relationship with David Miscavige," Scientologist expert and author, Tony Ortega, told Hollywood Life. "Tom may be influenced by David who would most likely frown upon his relationship with Suri. All Tom has to do is take Suri for ice cream and work the media. But for some reason we never see him with her."

While the average Scientologist is reportedly unable to have contact with certain people, Ortega noted that celebrities are often allowed to bend the rules.

Still, reports claim Katie Holmes and Foxx may attempt to officially gain custody once they wed.

As Katie Holmes and Foxx continue to face rumors, the Dawson's Creek actress has reportedly started renovating a home in Michigan where she and Foxx are expected to wed.

"[Katie Holmes] will always remain loyal to her roots in Toledo, Ohio, and she's pouring millions into renovating her vacation house" on the shores of Devils Lake in Michigan, an insider told Radar Online last week of the property where Holmes "wants to get married."

Although the home in Michigan is "officially for her parents," the current renovations are definitely top notch -- and perfect for a celebrity wedding.

"[Katie Holmes] is turning it into a self-contained secure retreat and she plans on spending a lot more time there in the future with Jamie and her daughter Suri," claimed the insider. "She loves that house and there's no doubt her obsession with the Kennedys has influenced the design and plans for this the house. It will be the perfect place for a wedding."

While Katie Holmes and Foxx have never confirmed their dating relationship, they have been caught together at least a few times. In addition to surfacing together in a photo, which featured the couple holding hands in a studio, Katie Holmes and Foxx were once caught dancing together during a party in The Hamptons.

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