Mel Gibson Still Doesn’t Get It: ‘Forgive Me? I Didn’t Hurt Anyone’

Mel Gibson finally addressed his craziness of late in a rare, candid interview, but unfortunately for the few left waiting patiently for the Australian-born actor to redeem himself, it wasn’t exactly the mea culpa we’ve been expecting.

Though it seems true that when a scandal is willfully ignored and underplayed, it mysteriously vanishes, the sentiment doesn’t hold true for actor Mel Gibson, whose increasingly erratic behavior over the past several years has put the once box-office dominating star at the back of the queue. Though the actor has been mostly scandal-free for the past several months, he has failed to escape the bad press and poor public reception stemming from his drunken antisemitic rants and his infamous personal life. In a recent interview, Gibson proved that he’s hardly apologetic for his strange antics, and might possibly be the least self-aware celebrity of all time, reports Newser.

A rare, in-depth interview would pose the perfect opportunity for the infamous actor to finally settle his multiple indiscretions. All we really want is a “hey, sorry guys, I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately, but I understand I’ve hurt and offended a lot of people, and for that, I am truly sorry,” and I bet you all would be forgiven. Instead, Gibson balked in his interview with this week, saying that he doesn’t really understand why we’re all so peeved with him.

“I don’t think they think there’s reason to forgive. And forgive what to begin with? What are they asking for? It’s almost like can you please forgive me for what? What did I do, really?”

Gibson continued:

“It is kind of ridiculous,” he said. “So it’s kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what needs to be forgiven and I don’t consider that anything does because I didn’t hurt anyone. But you know, hey that’s life. It ain’t easy and it’s not fair. You’ve just got to slip the old water off the back and move on.”

Several high-profile public figures have defended Gibson amid the fallout stemming from his indiscretions. Among them, former co-stars Danny Glover and Jodie Foster, as well as personal friends Robert Downey Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg. Though they haven’t given Gibson a pass for his actions, they have firmly stood by the actor despite his scandals and flaws.

Now if we could just get Gibson to admit to them, we’d be getting somewhere.

Do you think that Mel Gibson should fess up to his indiscretions? Would we forgive him?