Netflix TV Show 'Wet Hot American Summer' Coming Back For Season 2

Netflix loves its TV shows, and now they are adding another season to their summer comedy romp series, Wet Hot American Summer.

As if the Wet Hot American Summer movie wasn't outrageous enough, the next installment to the TV show will likely have fans cheering from their couches when the band of misfits return to make another go at a farce comedy that is so over the top that it forces viewers to laugh out loud, as if they were reading a headline from The Onion.

The original Wet Hot American Summer film debuted in 2001, and did not get a lot of attention, at least not up front. But that cast of future industry stars would go on to make fantastic careers in Hollywood, and many people flocked back to the movie that made them stars in the beginning, which gave Wet Hot American Summer a cult-hit status.

When the Wet Hot American Summer TV show debuted on Netflix last summer, there was a lot of hype built around it, and fans of the film tuned in and binge watched all eight episodes of what was originally thought to be a limited series. But that turned out to be false, and Netflix wants to give their streaming buffet subscribers more of the comedy gold.

Suffice it to say that Season 2 of the Wet Hot American Summer TV show will be back with a commanding presence on Netflix, and there is no stopping the "little TV show that could." Season 1 of WHAS was unique in the sense that it debuted 14 years after the original movie, and the series was supposed to take those same characters back to the beginning of the summer in 1981 and the fictional summer camp.

Therein lied the funniest part about the over the top antics of the TV show. It brought back all of the same actors, who have aged 14 years in the meantime, and portrayed them as young teenagers that only wanted to party and get into lewd situations with each other. That includes graphic sexuality, drug use, and other forms of degenerate, youthful activities.

What's going to be even better about Season 2 of the Wet Hot American Summer TV show is that it is doing another time jump, which will be set 10 years in the future this time. It will feature all of the characters from Season 1 of the TV show and give fans a chance to see how their outrageous antics turned out for them in real life.

Season 2 of the Wet Hot American Summer TV show will be all about the counselors and campers who have since grown up and put their summer camp skills to use by giving you a glimpse into their adult life, according to Entertainment Weekly.

That will also lead to some fantastic comedy considering the actors for those characters are still much older than their "10 Years Later" counterpart characters.

The Wet Hot American Summer TV show mastermind David Wain spoke with EW, and he had a few things to say about the summer camp shows and how they seemed to have vanished from the American psyche since the 80s overkill.

"I'm surprised there hasn't been way more stuff about summer camp over the years, because it is such a beautiful, forming part of life," Wain told EW. "I feel like it's a place that's naturally heightened every day, and naturally condensed with drama and teenage hormones, so it's just naturally cinematic, for me. So I could see continuing to go back – and, of course, with this cast."

In the original Wet Hot American Summer film, the characters did tell each other that they were going to meet up in ten years to see what their lives would be like. Season 2 of this TV show will be them delivering on that promise next year, in 2017.

[Image via Netflix]