WWE Rumors, Spoilers: 'Payback' Main Event Result Now Known -- Bullet Club To Get Involved In Title Match

This Sunday at Payback, AJ Styles is going to get his first ever shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he takes on Roman Reigns. There are a lot of rumors flying around about this match and the Bullet Club getting involved, or Finn Balor debuting and interfering, but will any of that happen? Apparently, the match result is already known, and while WWE could change it, that result has leaked out.

For the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of teasing done by WWE where they are making it seem as if Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are partnering up with AJ Styles. At times, they've almost made it too obvious for it to end up coming true.

The former Bullet Club members have said they will have Styles' back at Payback in his match against Roman Reigns, but it doesn't appear to be a mutual partnership. Reigns seems skeptical of that, as he's been attacked by Anderson and Gallows for two weeks now.

wwe rumors spoilers payback main event bullet club roman reigns title aj styles karl anderson luke gallows finn balor
[Image via WWE]Cageside Seats is now reporting that even with all of this extra stuff going on, it doesn't seem like it is going to do any good for AJ Styles.

Word is that Roman Reigns' time with the WWE Title isn't yet over, and that he will be walking out of Payback with the belt still in his possession. At the same time, it is not expected for Styles to align himself with Anderson and Gallows.

Now, the confusion in this result is that many are not sure how all of this would take place and lead into future storylines. Well, that's where the next big feud comes into play, and it will send Roman Reigns in another direction.

The main event at Payback is essentially going to be the starting place for a much bigger program, which would be the introduction of Finn Balor and the Bulletproof Balor Club.

wwe rumors spoilers payback main event bullet club roman reigns title aj styles karl anderson luke gallows finn balor
[Image via WWE]Scott Keith of the Sporting News believes that Reigns is going to retain his title at Payback, but he will be doing it with the help of Anderson and Gallows. No, they aren't going to side with Reigns, but they will be turning on Styles.

Styles doesn't seem to want the help of his friends from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), but they seem insistent on giving it. That is a bit too obvious, and it makes it seem like they're going to end up turning on Styles at Payback, costing him the match, and then reveal they are working for someone else.

That someone else would be Finn Balor.

Balor's debut on the WWE main roster could end up coming at Payback, but the Bullet Club jumping Styles to end the show may be the way things finish on Sunday. That would lead to many questions coming about, and Balor being introduced the next night on Monday Night RAW.

wwe rumors spoilers payback main event bullet club roman reigns title aj styles karl anderson luke gallows finn balor
[Image via WWE]Styles vs. Balor with the former Bullet Club members being involved is exactly what the fans want, and it's exactly what WWE may end up giving them.

It's not known where Roman Reigns will go from this title defense against AJ Styles, but it could be against Bray Wyatt once he returns from injury.

Even though the program between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles really just started, it appears as if it's WWE's long-term plan. There's a very good chance that after Payback, Reigns could move onto a new feud and Styles will move into more of a storyline with former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. That could also lead to the main roster of Finn Balor from NXT, and that's a future WWE Title feud in the making.

[Image via WWE]