Robert Durst Headed To Los Angeles To Face Murder Charges

The Robert Durst criminal spree is over, but there is a new chapter, as Durst is moved to Los Angeles to stand trial for yet another murder, that of long time Durst friend, Susan Berman. It has been over a year since Robert Durst was arrested in New Orleans, after the final episode of The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, in which Durst at least seems to confess that he "killed them all," while thinking his mic was off in the bathroom. A judge agreed today to send Durst to Terminal Island, a prison near Los Angeles.

Robert Durst was found not guilty of murder in Texas, though he admitted to killing and cutting up a body, allegedly in self-defense. Durst walked for this crime, leaving people angry, as Durst had gone on the run after the crime, like affluenza teen, Ethan Couch, according to The Inquisitr, who is back behind bars for at least the next two years. Durst is already doing time behind bars and is likely to get more time, despite his age and physical condition.

Vanity Fair is reporting that moving Robert Durst to Los Angeles, finally at this time, was part of a plea deal sanctioned by a federal judge in New Orleans. The new prison that will house Durst is famous, or infamous, as it housed Al Capone, Charles Manson, and Timothy Leary at one time. Durst will have a formal arraignment there of the charges in the murder of Susan Berman.

Robert Durst was brought into court in a wheelchair and told the judge that he was eager to get back to Los Angeles to enter his not guilty plea and to finally be found not guilty of killing his friend.

"I truly, truly want to express my statement that I am not guilty of killing Susan Berman."
Dick DeGuerin, the attorney for Robert Durst, says that the move will take place within the next four to six weeks. DeGuerin also explained that a plea deal was reached for handgun charges against Robert Durst, as when Durst, a convicted felon, was arrested, he was in possession of a gun, against the rules of his probation.
"The judge also approved a prior plea bargain arrangement, in which Mr. Durst was sentenced to 85 months in prison for illegally possessing a.38-caliber revolver."
The New York Times revealed that Robert Durst is being moved to Los Angeles to face charges for the murder of Susan Berman, who he allegedly killed to cover up the murder of his first wife, Kathleen, back in New York. Durst is said to have had Berman assist him in the cover-up of Kathleen's murder but then he was afraid that she would inform the police.

John Lewin, a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County, has been working for over two years to put the case together against Robert Durst, tying up two of Durst's crimes. Durst will finally get a chance to look at the prosecution's case with DeGuerin in the Berman murder.

Robert Durst is a member of the Durst real estate empire in New York and was active in the family business until 1994. In 1994, Durst's father and uncle turned the business over to Robert Durst's brother, Douglas Durst, who is estranged from Robert Durst. Robert Durst has a similar estrangement with the rest of the Durst family.

Followers of the show The Jinx on HBO have been waiting for the next chapter in the Durst saga to find out if the man who seemed to confess would finally be punished for his crimes.

Do you think that Robert Durst will finally be convicted of murder after being a suspect in several murders?

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