Lisa Vanderpump Says Lisa Rinna Called Kyle Richards Kim Richards’ Enabler In Edited Scene

After Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show aired on Tuesday night, Lisa Vanderpump recapped the episode on her blog. However, instead of posting her blog on Bravo’s website, as usual, she shared her thoughts and opinions on her Facebook page. The Facebook post has since been removed and a shortened version of Lisa’s blog is now on Bravo’s website.

Luckily for fans, Reality Tea copied and posted Lisa’s original blog post in its entirety. What did Lisa write in her original blog post that has since been censored out?

In one paragraph, Lisa revealed that Lisa Rinna, during her beach chat with Eileen Davidson, said that Kyle Richards enables her sister, Kim Richards.

“For Kim to endure a barrage of negativity and abuse, constantly hurled at her by somebody, who clearly has some sort of rage and regret syndrome must be challenging…. LR also stated that Kyle was an enabler on the beach, it was edited out.

An enabler? Where and on what planet does LR form her opinions?”

Why was the moment of Lisa R. calling Kyle an enabler when it comes to Kim edited out? Was Kyle, who has been one of the show’s stars since the very first season, able to exert some pressure on producers to cut it out? Did the show’s producers cut it out without any prompting from Kyle because they didn’t want to upset her? Or perhaps Kim, who appeared briefly on Part 2 of the reunion show, had some say in it?

This isn’t the first time that one of the season 6 TheReal Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members posted her blog somewhere else besides Bravo’s official website to reveal something involving production. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Yolanda Foster, in late February, posted one blog post to a Wordpress blog site that she set up exclusively for that purpose.

In that blog post, Yolanda discussed the email that she sent to Kyle Richards and copied the other housewives on regarding Kyle’s behavior at the Mexican restaurant after the group’s charity exercise session. As viewers saw happen on that episode, Yolanda, over lunch, told the women that her drama with Lisa Rinna was done. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump remained unconvinced and whispered to one another about how Lisa R. would probably disagree with Yolanda’s assessment of the situation. Yolanda did not like Kyle and Lisa talking to one another about it and made her feelings known. When Kyle defended herself and Lisa, Yolanda warned Kyle that she “hold[s] a lot in [her] vault.”

The episode then showed Kyle revealing that Yolanda had sent her an email after the lunch to further criticize her about her behavior. Yolanda had not only sent Kyle an email but also copied all of the other housewives on it. The housewives were shown reading off parts of Yolanda’s email.

Yolanda’s Wordpress blog post contained the entire email that she sent to Kyle. In the email, Yolanda talked about the contract that she entered into with Bravo and the show’s production company, Evolution Media. Yolanda accused Kyle of trying to “co-produce” the show by drumming up unnecessary drama. Implying that Kyle complained to production about her, Yolanda told Kyle to not make her feel bad about her level of show participation given the contract that she worked out with Bravo and Evolution prior to filming. Yolanda told Kyle that she’s doing her best and reminded her that they have two new housewives, Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards, to help make the show great.

Like Lisa’s Facebook blog post recapping Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 reunion show, Yolanda Foster’s Wordpress blog post was removed shortly after it was posted and a shortened version, omitting any production and contract details, was later posted on Bravo’s website.

One person who liked Lisa Vanderpump’s blog post in its original form, including the part where she called out Lisa Rinna for saying that Kyle Richards enables Kim Richards, is her husband, Ken Todd. He called what Lisa wrote “great.”

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