Kylie Jenner Shows Hugely Altered Face In Instagram Video And Blac Chyna Spills Out Of Her Dress

Kylie Jenner is an expert when it comes to putting everything up on social media. This time around, she shared with her fans a video of her made-up face with music playing in the background. Although her fans loved the picture, it's for anyone to see how different Kylie Jenner looks in the video. You can see her manicured hand and high eyebrows. It's not clear whether it's Kylie Jenner's makeup or if she has made a visit to the plastic surgeon again.

What do you think about her face in the video? Do you think it looks different than usual? While some were appreciative of her look, others thought it was too fake.

"Soo artificial LOL????????" said one.

There were yet others who wanted her to model more bikinis.

"show us the bikinisssssssssssss from the k&k collectionnnnn in topshoppp," said another.

Kylie Jenner often posts pictures of herself in bikinis, and there is no doubt about the fact that she looks fabulous in all of them. It was only two days ago that Kylie Jenner had posted a picture of herself in a yellow bikini. People were not only appreciative of her figure, they thought she looked pretty good in all of them.

However, it's not easy to look like a million dollars all the time, and Kylie Jenner makes sure that she does what she can to keep herself in top shape. The Inquisitr reported how Kylie Jenner managed to look pretty all the time. Kylie Jenner had posted a picture of herself hold a blue pill between her teeth, which were the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, something she never fails to take no matter what. She says it keeps her hair in good shape.The Daily Mail had a chat with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star about what she does to keep her skin so beautiful. From what Kylie Jenner says, it seems like she does what pretty much every girl would do.

"I always wear sunscreen and wash my face before I go to sleep, that's a rule that never changes."

She says there are a few things she can't do without, including sunscreen, chapstick, and moisturizer. This definitely proves that Kylie Jenner is a girl-next-door at heart because those are the things you would find in any girl's bag!

Kylie has even said that the secret to great skin is to try different regimens.

"I'm always learning new things and getting advice from people. I do switch my regime up a lot; I don't stick with one product. Right now, I'm always exploring."

It's true that Kylie Jenner doesn't really have to work hard to keep her skin glowing (she is only 18 after all) but great skincare habits are sure to come in handy in the future.

While Kylie Jenner was busy showing off her hot body, Blac Chyna couldn't be far behind. She posted a picture of herself spilling out of her dress. She was even seen getting some lunch while she had on a hot gym suit. The Inquisitr reported that Blac Chyna was seen taking the $200k gift from Robert Kardashian on a ride. The Inquisitr had quoted Mirror as saying that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian want to have babies soon. And it seems like Rob Kardashian is ready for it, given that he is spending a lot of time with King Cairo.

"Rob spending time with King Cairo has convinced Rob that he is ready to be a father. He thinks that the sexiest thing about Blac Chyna is what a great mom she is to King."

If that's true then Rob and Blac might just have an addition to their family soon.

Do you think Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are on good terms now?

[Photo by Ari Perilstein/ Getty Images]