Ryan Poree: ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’ Takes On Deadly Triple Shooting Of New Orleans Siblings, Alcee, Kimberly Perry

Ryan Poree, the New Orleans man who killed two neighbors, Kimberly and Alcee Perry, and injured a 7-year old boy after a dispute, is the subject of tonight’s Investigation Discovery show, Fear Thy Neighbor. Each week, Fear Thy Neighbor brings you a horrifying case of neighborly feuds that have turned fatal. This evening’s episode, “House of the Rising Gun,” tells the story of a single mother who finds the perfect neighborhood to raise her kids, but neighborhood bliss turns into a bloodbath after a next door neighbor’s paranoia causes him to accuse the single mother’s kids of robbery.

The triple shooting on Woodbine Drive in East New Orleans in October, 2012, shocked and distressed residents as they learned about the death of their neighbors — 32-year-old Kimberly Perry, a nurse with four children, and her brother, 34-year-old Alcee Perry, a special education teacher. The siblings were gunned down as they stood outside near the front door of their home. A little boy, identified in court records as Robert, was found with a gunshot wound to the leg and stomach in the hallway inside the home, according to NOLA.

Neighbors reported hearing arguing and gunfire just before the killings. Ryan Poree was identified by witnesses as the shooter.

As police investigated the case, they learned that the victims lived next door to Ryan Poree, and that a neighborhood feud had been brewing before it finally escalated. On the day of the killings, a friend had been outside speaking with Kimberly Perry, when she saw Ryan Poree speed up rapidly to the curb in front of Kimberly’s house. Annoyed, Kimberly lashed out at Ryan Poree, telling him that he needed to slow down because the children were playing.

Kimberly Perry also reportedly called the defendant “stupid” while she was talking with her friend. Ryan Poree had overheard the comment and grew angry, which caused an argument between them. Kimberly made her kids go inside the house.

The arguing stopped after Ryan Poree’s parents told him to come inside so that things could cool down. About three hours later, Ryan Poree left his home again without his parents knowledge, and went to the Perrys’ home, where he fired 19 rounds, which struck and killed Kimberly and Alcee Perry, and leaving 7-year-old Robert critically wounded.

What makes the case of Ryan Poree stand out is that the year before, he gunned down two teens who had tried to break into his home. One of the teens, identified as 15-year-old Musheer Thomas, died. Ryan Poree was not charged in those cases. His attorney and psychiatrist believe that the first shooting launched him into a delusional type of disorder that made him paranoid.

According to Ryan Poree’s father, Kirby Poree, the neighbors were friendly at first, but then, a dispute over cut grass, a robbery, and traffic caused the relationship to deteriorate, according to Louisiana court records.

“Kirby described Kimberly and the defendant’s relationship as “just neighbors” in the beginning, but stated that relations between them became contentious when she criticized the way that he cut her grass. Kirby detailed an incident from February 2011 where his son shot and killed a burglar who broke into their house. According to Kirby, his son believed that Kimberly’s children knew the burglar. Kirby stated that after this incident, his son became more withdrawn, rarely left the house, and refused to get counseling. He further stated that his son’s truck was broken into at least once, and his son was convinced that Kimberly’s son or her brother’s son was the perpetrator.”

A New Orleans jury found Ryan Poree guilty of murder and sentenced him to two life sentence in a Louisiana correctional facility. Since the tragedy, friends and family members of Alcee and Kimberly Perry are still heartbroken over the loss. Residents remember them both as hard workers who did a lot of volunteer and charity work in the community.

To see how the tragedy unfolded through interviews with law enforcement and friends and family members of the deceased, tune in to Fear Thy Neighbor tonight at 10/9 p.m. central on Investigation Discovery.

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