Phaedra Parks, Teresa Giudice Considering Visiting Husbands In Jail Together

Phaedra Parks and Teresa Giudice have more in common than just the fact that they are both housewives. It turns out that Phaedra and Teresa's husbands are both in the same prison, and these two have actually discussed going to visit their husbands in jail together. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what Phaedra had to say about the two talking about going to see Joe Giudice and Apollo Nida.

The two have been in contact, and Phaedra Parks shared what they had talked about when it comes to their husbands.
"We discussed that! It would be wonderful to do it because then my boys could interact with her girls and everyone would be occupied. I just told her she has to take care of herself, her daughters and, most importantly, her health. Her girls need her now more than ever."
After that, Phaedra Parks talked about how hard it has been on her with Apollo in jail. She says that she lost her spouse, and her kids lost the father they were used to seeing every single day. Now, she has to be a single mom to two young boys. Apollo is actually serving an eight-year sentence for bank fraud and identity theft. At this time, Phaedra is still married to Apollo, even though she has mentioned that she plans to file for divorce while he is in prison.
When it comes to the kids, Phaedra said that she would never keep them from their dad. These two are finding a way to make it work while he is in jail and still both be parents to their children. This is difficult, but Phaedra is obviously taking the kids to see their dad in jail.

Perez Hilton recently got the chance to talk to Phaedra Parks and get updates on everything that she is doing right now. She shared that her favorite part of this season was hanging out with Porsha. They always have a great time together. Phaedra is very active in politics right now, but is also very heavily involved in things such as Black Lives Matter. She has her own foundation that has different programs. It helps boys of color to find a strong mentor that can help them out.

Phaedra Parks knows that being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta has helped her to have a big reach to people. Phaedra is trying to use this reach to help people out in her own way. She is even considering going into a public office at some point, but at this time doesn't know what it would be that she wants to do. Phaedra knows she has had problems and successes both in her life. She says you become the best at your game through hard work, and she has done that and wants to be an example of showing that hard work does pay off. Phaedra is also working hard on opening her own funeral home. She is a very busy woman, and will have some help running it once she gets is started. She does have a love for the dead.

When it comes to being a mom, Phaedra Parks went on to share that she doesn't want her sons to feel entitled. She wants them to be very aware and know how the real world is and be equipped as young men to handle situations in the right way when they arise for them.

Are you surprised to hear that Phaedra Parks and Teresa Giudice have plans to possibly go and see their husbands together in prison? Do you think that this is a good idea? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss these women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort]